Category: New Waterscapes

Running and maintenance

People who own and run a water feature will soon become disillusioned with it if it costs more than a modest amount to maintain. Planning should thus aim to avoid high main­tenance and running expenses. A number of very creatively successful water features have been closed because of techni­cal problems, the need for frequent repair […]

Heiner-Metzger Plaza, Neu-Ulm

  On many issues Neu-Ulm is over­shadowed and out-muscled by her elder, bigger sister, Ulm. The two cities are physically separated by the river Danube and politically by the state boundary; Neu-Ulm is in Bavaria, Ulm in Baden-Wurttemberg. Ulm is a historic town, severely bombed during World War II. Neu-Ulm was largely constructed after the […]

Towards a new water culture

We are going to have to learn how to handle water in future. This means co-operative planning and a high level of participation. A project in Hannoversch Munden has produced some early experience in this field. If you ask people about environmental problems in surveys, water is almost never mentioned. More of them are aware […]