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Iron baths from Axolo

Three designer Giovanni Rontsoni, Luis Frikherio and Fabritsyo Prozerpyo developed a line of baths for the Axolo company. The Italian baths two absolutely various materials combining in: stainless steel and a natural tree of a bath create invariable reminiscence >

Flat sink for a bathroom

Thanks to the big area of a surface, water getting to such sink it is not poured through edges even at a bolshenny pressure. The novelty seemed in the catalog of the Italian company which is letting out fashionable and modern bathroom equipment of ArtCeram >

Wood sinks

Glory of the modern paint and varnish industry! Thanks to modern resistant varnishes became can be to use a natural tree as a material for bathroom equipment. We already wrote about wood baths and unusual unique sinks (including from a tree). The collection >

Nozzle for a shower with a mirror

Shower mirror. Good news to those who likes to have a shave standing directly under a shower. A unique nozzle for a shower combined with a mirror, I think, too it will be pleasant to ladies, well, there, cosmetics to wash away, for example, or simply >

Glass – a ceramic Italian tile of Passion

The Italian company Evit practises on unusual coverings for walls. Their brand new Passion collection keeps within on walls also as well as an ordinary clay tile - from standard fragments (300-200 and 100 mm), and the surface finally looks a real art >

Wood bath boat

Wood baths the near future not uniqueness, in the West they become fashionable, but, even on their background of BathBoat will not be lost. This unusual concept of a bath was invented by the Dutch designer of Wieki Somers. It also let out >

Rectangular sinks with a flat drain

There is at us povsevremenno a filled-up post about unique sinks sinks and other fascinating bathroom equipment, there both stone, and wood sinks and what only are not present. We fill up our collection. The subject fruitful for creativity - that can >