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Myagenkaya a sofa from separate pillows

The Scandinavian design group Kibisi develops not only only furniture, on the website of designers there is a lot of new and fascinating thoughts in almost all areas of daily human life. That we do, when we look for comfortable situation sitting on a >

Sofa from Versace

Seldom the furniture from this known brand therefore we will treat their Bubble Sofa or the Sofa bubble with the overestimated attention comes across to us. The main problem of a sofa, which is delivered with an upholstery a fabric (or in >

Iron baths from Axolo

Three designer Giovanni Rontsoni, Luis Frikherio and Fabritsyo Prozerpyo developed a line of baths for the Axolo company. The Italian baths two absolutely various materials combining in: stainless steel and a natural tree of a bath create invariable reminiscence >

Easy semicircular banketka from LOUIS

Banketka - a couch version, an easy oblong bench without a back and lokotnik, with a myagenky upholstery, had in the beginning 8 legs. For the first time appeared in France and till this moment Frenchmen remain fashion-makers in this area. Banketka >

Sicis Next Art Furniture – a decadence and a fantasy

With chair in a floret today you will surprise nobody, another matter when the chair and is a flower is perfect. Charles Tolomeos designer represents an authors collection of furniture for Sicis Next Art which will transfer you to the sublime >

Graphics on walls from a vinyl tape

Family of designers (Milo and Ben) decided to decorate walls and here that from this left. In the beginning it should be arranged four posters, it is simple to hang up them on a wall - very sour invention, besides Joseph Muler-Brukmans Grid Systems >


Is glad to welcome you, dear friends! In - 1-x thank you that you with us, in - 2-x, this post we announce opening online of shop which now is to the address: The shop will work in 2 directions: - through it it will be possible >

Flat sink for a bathroom

Thanks to the big area of a surface, water getting to such sink it is not poured through edges even at a bolshenny pressure. The novelty seemed in the catalog of the Italian company which is letting out fashionable and modern bathroom equipment of ArtCeram >