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Clay tile of D-tile, break in the third measurement

The tile, snow-white, 15 on 15 cm, without ornaments, the most standard … would seem: for that new it is possible to wait from that usual finishing material? Three Dutch designers: Peter van der Jagt, Erik Jan Kwakkel and Arnout Visser (founders of the >

Lighting Online

Online in this case does not mean that lighting devices can be ordered and got in a web shop, the line finds a word own usual to - the Internet sense. Simply, lighting devices truly fasten, hide, can move on only one strip. In the pushed situation they >

Furniture from concrete

The furniture from concrete becomes more and more various. Now it not only only table-tops, tables and other powerful things. The German designer of Valentin Loellmann does unique cases and dressers combining rough attractiveness of concrete and a natural >