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Clay tile of D-tile, break in the third measurement

The tile, snow-white, 15 on 15 cm, without ornaments, the most standard … would seem: for that new it is possible to wait from that usual finishing material? Three Dutch designers: Peter van der Jagt, Erik Jan Kwakkel and Arnout Visser (founders of the >

Lighting Online

Online in this case does not mean that lighting devices can be ordered and got in a web shop, the line finds a word own usual to - the Internet sense. Simply, lighting devices truly fasten, hide, can move on only one strip. In the pushed situation they >

Furniture from concrete

The furniture from concrete becomes more and more various. Now it not only only table-tops, tables and other powerful things. The German designer of Valentin Loellmann does unique cases and dressers combining rough attractiveness of concrete and a natural >

Unique Italian regiments from Shelf Pietro Travaglini

There are simply unique book shelves (which, by the way, already infinite large quantity in our survey post collected), and there are regiments so unique that on the 1st look and will not tell that after all this such. The quite good example of such racks >