Category: The History of Furniture Construction

Stiffness of Spring Units

When designing furniture for lying down of sitting (with sleep and relaxation functions), anthropometric and physiological rules should be taken into account arising from their use. Mattresses, especially those of orthopaedic character, con­stitute one of the essential factors of the quality of life for people with musculo­skeletal dysfunction. Rehabilitation of such patients is an ongoing […]

Parallel Systems of Springs of Various Stiffness

In upholstered furniture, there are several construction solutions used for spring units, which constitute the main spring layer. Biconical springs and cylindrical springs (Fig. 8.33a, b) are used in many designs of mattresses. However, the latest solutions tend towards a serial or parallel connection of springs of varying geometry (Fig. 8.33c). Such a compilation of […]

Modelling of Stiffness of Conical Springs

The variable stiffness of the spring during operational loads should ensure high softness of the system at surface loads and significant stiffness when exposed to concentrated forces or forces of high intensity. For such exploitation conditions, a construction minimum is a biconical spring consisting of two conical springs differing in stiffness coefficients, but made from […]