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TYPE: РЙЕЛЛіи/ІЛ COUPE PLANET: ТАЙЙАІ Aeronautical influences shaped this glamorous coupe. Based on the chassis of the successful GALAXION 3000, the GALAXION 5000 is available on planet Tarra I and was unveiled in 9086. Modem scions of the royal upper class, diplomats, and popular celebrities are the core clientele for this expensive streamliner. They like […]

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TYPE: PAILTOIM-CU? RACE SHI? PLANET: OOSFERA The SEXY MAGRELA is a high-performance competition race ship on planet Oosfera. This Cosmic Motors vehicle is based on a former military ship, the ASTROCON Railton Bomber Drone Mk439. This top view shows the layout of the Railton Cup winner, SEXY MAGRELA No. 1: a narrow nose with an […]


TYPE: PATROL VEHICLE CLASS V PLANET: NALA The ICETRAIN is a ground-patrol vehicle of gigantic scale used to cross the vast plateaus of the frozen ice planet, Nala. Its temperature – independent power source is a twin turbine with nuclear burners. The truck measures over 180 feet, but it’s not as heavy as you might […]

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in November 2005 when I v it, I fell like I had landed on the moon. Two days later I ag­reed. and today you’re holding the result in your hands. illustrate my designs and sets as photorealistically as possible in order to challenge the viewer’s mind. That are no fancy lighting effects obscuring the design, […]