Category: Children’s Spaces

‘Seeds of the future’

Starting a garden is like planting seeds of hope for future generations to have better lives___ Our school grounds are going to be transformed into something fertile and fruitful.71 On a global scale, school feeding programmes are perceived by agencies such as the World Food Programme to be the key to ending global hunger and […]

Inherited edible school spaces

The children commenting on their idealized or imagined school environments, both in 1967 and today, did so within an inherited school design and tradition. The edible landscape, and particularly the school meal, is immediately recognizable as a fundamental feature of schooling, particularly in the UK where the school day was established early in its history […]

Site design and play

Children’s participation in the design process is a valuable way to teach them about the multitude of problems and opportunities that must be addressed in the creation of school environments. As ‘players’ in the design process, children will be able to more readily connect their own actions and decisions with environmental change, a key to […]

Forest management and community events

Cultivating and harvesting food are significant programmes for understanding the external environment as a dynamic system and inculcating a respect for other living things.18 The jury noted that many of the design proposals included programmes that used forest or agricultural management as an educational and community building event. Honourable mention Dave Hutch and Jean Kindratsky’s […]