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UNA Hotel, Naples

l^?^UNA’;№ Naples, Italy ш±т A 19th-century historic building, facing on Garibaldi Square in the city centre, has been restored and transformed in a four-star hotel for a prominent Italian hotel chain. The original building, a seven-storey tuff-stone structure, very long and narrow, has suggested the design of a vertical hall crossed by staircases and lifts […]

UNA Hotel, Bologna

ti>#^UNA>I^ Bologna, Italy The graffiti in the corridor, the bright colour palette, the simple furnishings and the exquisite lighting are combined together to create the modern guestrooms. Meanwhile, texts are also adopted here. From some of these written accounts they chose an excerpt, then a phrase linked to a particular place or landscape, and then, […]

The Vine Hotel

Funchal, Madeira, Portugal The Vine Hotel was created on the concept as its proper name implies. Each floor with the different colours symbolises the four Seasons. In the guestrooms, glass is the main material, together with other decorative materials, creating a stylish visual experience for guests. The tawny glass partition brings us a "flowing" space. […]

The Marmara Sisli

Istanbul, Turkey ±W ШШК Autoban was commissioned to design the latest home away from home in town. Here you can see Autoban’s usual modern contrasts, such as unplastered ceilings with bold patterns. Following the concept of "less is more", the designers created simple and clear guestrooms. The white beddings and the black lamps on the […]

The Grand Daddy Hotel

Cape Town, South Africa The 25 guestrooms give their visitors the contrast of peaceful luxury brought up to the present day with a soothing, textured minimalism and high-tech appointments. The building might have all the character of maturity and experience, but the hotel that inhabits it boasts an undeniably youthful energy that sparkles exuberantly throughout […]


Hamburg, Germany Ш Side Hotel is located downtown in the city centre, close to shopping areas, the Alster lake, the opera house and local sights. Special attention is given to materials and light. The headboard is one piece, functioning as bedside tables, lights, wardrobe, minibar and safe. Right down to the telephone and the tooth […]

Shima Kanko Hotel

Mie, Japan ній With a stunning architectural building designed to gently fold into the local environment, Shima Kanko hotel resides in one of Japan’s most beautiful national parks. As you enter into the 100-square-metre guest suites you are greeted by stunning bamboo floor where one is to remove their shoes. From the foyer the view […]

San Ranieri Hotel

Fruitful collaboration of three Italian Architects who declared through the realisation of this project their purpose of defin the hotel’s "new" contemporary tridimensionality, immagined like a resounding oasis for the relaxation of the metropolitan nomadic traveller. Essentiality, rigour, dynamism, fizz and extraordinary are the messages that this hotel can transfer to the attention of the […]

Mission Hills Resort

Shenzhen, China фи rnw Enjoying the panoramic view of the beautiful golf course, the design takes a subtle yet sophisticated way driven by a "home away from home" concept. Instead of making the design stand out, the designer intended to let is disappear: be it the Premier Room, Deluxe Room and Presidential Suite, everything comes […]

Lanchid 19

Lanchid 19іхі+>ШЙ Budapest, Hungary Named after Budapest’s famed "Chain Bridge" spanning the Danube and situated near both it and the Buda Royal Castle, Lanchfd 19 has become a contemporary architectural landmark that attracts a new kind of cosmopolitan crowd. Lanchfd 19 is a beacon of innovation while still paying homage to its historical settings – […]