UNA Hotel, Naples


Naples, Italy


A 19th-century historic building, facing on Garibaldi Square in the city centre, has been restored and transformed in a four-star hotel for a prominent Italian hotel chain. The original building, a seven-storey tuff-stone structure, very long and narrow, has suggested the design of a vertical hall crossed by staircases and lifts dangling in space. The structure hosts 90 rooms, a small convention centre and restaurant with a roof garden overlooking Vesuvius.

The guestrooms are designed to bring the sense of entering a palace. There is no complex classical decoration, but the designers bring out similar effects with modern ways of decoration. In addition, the designers made use of the bizarre spaces in the old building to offer new diversified interior spaces.

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1. Two broad doors on both sides of the head of

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the bed

2. Spectacular views of the city outside the window

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are available on the bed

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3. The living room


4. The elegant guestroom

5.Bathroom in the guestroom

In May 2007, URBN Hotels entered into an agreement with Climate Bridge, an international intermediary offering bespoke solutions for companies and industries to reduce and offset greenhouse gas emissions. The total amount of energy the hotel consumes, including staff commutes, food and beverage delivery, and the energy used by each guest, will be tracked to calculate the carbon footprint.

To be consistent, the lighting in the hotel is particularly designed to be low energy­consuming. Such is true in the guestrooms where efficient lightbulbs are installed. The custom-made furniture in the guestrooms are simple but delicate. The designers made full use of the uneven floor to create different layers in the space. The interior decorations are all in the Chinese style, being simple and noble at the same time.

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1. Simple and elegant sofas

2. The suite

3. Bathroom in the guestroom

4. The spacious guestroom

5. The different layers greatly enrich the space

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Wynn Macau has 600 rooms and suites. There are 360 deluxe rooms and 100 grand deluxe rooms, with an average of 56 square metres of luxury living space. The resort has 120 one – bedroom suites, with an average of 185 square metres, and 20 two-bedroom suites, with an average of 278 square metres, including lavishly appointed bedroom and entertainment space.

The guestrooms are luxurious, like other spaces in the hotel. The custom-designed carpet is quite eye-catching with special patterns. Carefully-chosen pieces of artwork are presented in the guestrooms and corridors. The wooden furniture is characterised by the delicate carved patterns. The heavy curtains offer a special texture and luster. At night, the scenery of the sea is attractive, and the night view of bustling Macau is really beautiful.

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1. The comfortable chairs in the corridor

2. Beautiful night view is available outside the window

3. Bathroom in the guestroom

4. Bathroom in the guestroom

5. Living room in the suite

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X2 Kui Buri is designed by Duangrit Bunnag. Each semi-private villa is sculptured in mountain rock walls, with expansive glass-panelled doors and generous bedroom and bathroom spaces. Furnishings and fixtures in the villas were chosen to be consistent with the X2 concept for luxury in design and function. The pool villas showcase a private plunge pool ranging from 20 square metres to 30 square metres in size and also a private terrace and garden courtyard.


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1. The guestroom enjoys abundant warm sunshine


2. The open-air bathroom


3. Detail of the headboard

4. The neat stand


5. Bathroom in the guestroom


Once inside the room, any division between the sleep zone and the wet zone is further dissolved, to create a single flowing living space, with functionality defined only by finishes.

The materials include leather-textured porcelain tiles or ribbed, Carrara marble tiles with tinted bronze mirrors and inset, back-lit alabaster wash stands. The bath is topped by a heavy slab of pure white quartz, which extends seamlessly into the sleep zone as an amorphous, flowing plinth which clasps the bed and the lounger. The finishes in the sleep and work zones are natural, but refined. Fine joinery in sun – bleached oak is shaped in reference to the form of wind-filled sails of local dhows. Unruly rugs define a "sit zone" and porcelain tiles are pressed with stone aggregate.

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1. The guestroom is a single "flowing" space

2. Living area in the suite

3. The luxurious guestroom

4. Bedroom in the suite

5. Standard room

The guestroom is the heart of the hotel experience and here the designers reinforce the Kempinski Brand while provide a comfortable residential environment for the international traveller. The guestroom will have the latest in contemporary luxury with a bathroom that can be completely opened up to the bedroom. Timeless colour schemes of taupe, beige, chocolate and smoky green combined with walnut wood, zebra wood and contemporary furniture are the core of the room palette. The guest corridor is an extension of this tailored sophistication. Here walnut doors with concealed light at the guestroom entrance and a streamlined wall sconce, provoke a sense of sophistication and create a high expectation for the guestroom experience.


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1. The stripe pattern on the carpet corresponds with that on the wooden material

2. The zebra wood is also used in the bathroom

3. The desk is convenient for computer users

4. The wall is fully and smartly explored, with a certain aesthetic feeling

5. Detail of the bedside

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