The Grand Daddy Hotel

Cape Town, South Africa

The 25 guestrooms give their visitors the contrast of peaceful luxury brought up to the present day with a soothing, textured minimalism and high-tech appointments. The building might have all the character of maturity and experience, but the hotel that inhabits it boasts an undeniably youthful energy that sparkles exuberantly throughout its spacious chambers and broad corridors.

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1. A vivacious touch of African chic

2. The dressing table

3. Bathroom in the guestroom

4. Living room in the suite

5. Classic elements are used in the modern design

Designed with Milan’s most exclusive fashionista set in mind, the simply named Gray treads a careful line between elegance and opulence. Unashamedly elite and purely residential, only the most established names are granted access to The Gray’s private club-like atmosphere, housed in what were once residential buildings.

Every detail in every guestroom has been taken into consideration. The designers sought to combine local characteristics, national elements and fashion elements together, in order to convey the rich culture deposits of the metropolis of Milan. Each of the 21 guestrooms offers a completely unique interior and finely handcrafted detail. One room features its own gym; another is spread out over two storeys connected by a filigree steel staircase.


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1. Panorama of the guestroom

2. Guestroom decoration with the local flavour

3. Furnishings

4. Bathroom in the guestroom

5. Double room

6. The ingenious staircase

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Just behind Austria’s parliament building in central Vienna, The Levante Parliament is located around an elegant 400-square-metre courtyard. Guests are also privy to high culture and a little history: In an original Bauhaus building dating from 1908, modern design influences infuse the property, and then there’s its function as an art gallery.

In the guestrooms, the dark colour palette feels cool. The embellished orange red is the only bright colour in the interior, bringing a bit of sensibility to the cool atmosphere. The cloth bedding and the furniture both sense dignified, without any additional ornament, highligting the elegance and nobility.

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1. Multiple functions are integrated into one space

2. The wooden desk acts as a partition in the guestroom

3. The washroom

4. The simple yet stylish headboard

5. A close-up view


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