The Marmara Sisli

Istanbul, Turkey


Autoban was commissioned to design the latest home away from home in town. Here you can see Autoban’s usual modern contrasts, such as unplastered ceilings with bold patterns.

Following the concept of "less is more", the designers created simple and clear guestrooms. The white beddings and the black lamps on the bedside produce a sharp contrast. Luggage cabinets are hid in the corners, while TV sets are hung on the wall across the bed or stand like billboards in the corners. In the double room, a settee is laid along the wall opposite to the bed, with a perfectly suitable scale for the room. The only decoration in the guestroom is the simple hand-painted patterns on the ceiling.



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1. The pattern on the ceiling is the only decoration in the room, together with the scenery outside the window

2. The simple guestroom enjoys picturesque views

3. The French window beside the bed brings in the beautiful scenery outside

4. The interior space is fully and smartly utilised

5. The washroom

There are four key types of design rooms: The Mirror Room – The design highlight is continuous ribbon of mirrors that begin on the walls, climbing up and on the ceiling, and returning to the ground to form a bead board. The Hanging Bed Room – Murals span whole walls, and are artistically integrated with the space of the room. These murals form the beadboard behind a modern re-interpretation of the classic four-poster bed. The Aquarium Room – The Majestic celebrates bathing through a glass-encased central bathtub feature in the middle of the room. Upon entering this room, the glass bathtub "Aquarium" is a visual window to the sleeping space, balcony and views beyond. The Loft Room – Resting on slender columns, the sleeping chamber floats above in a light-filled attic space.

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1. The colourful lighting effect

2. The unique butterfly adornments

3. The staircase linking the bathroom with the upper bedroom

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4. A glimpse of the guestroom, with a peculiar wall painting design

5. The guestroom features a modern metropolitan air

6. The guestroom designed as an organic whole

7. The bright and rich colours bring vigour to the room

8. The green room features a natural air

9. The bathroom finished with mosaic tiles

10. The bathroom with the feeling of countryside

Prague, Czech Republic

1. The room in a yellow tone feels warm and comfortable

2. The unique ceiling design in the room

3. The room in a red tone feels spacious and fervent

4. The unique ceiling design, making advantage of the top floor

5. Washroom

The five-star hotel is situated in the historical heart of Prague right below Prague Castle. During the reconstruction all the historical fabric such as the plastering, painted ceilings, floors, valuable baroque roof construction were preserved and restored to their original condition. The hotel is furnished with fitted modern furniture and the seating by Moroso and B&B Italia.

Each room is original and some have glass bathrooms and some are fitted with a special furniture unit containing a bathroom. On the basis of common neutral colours, each room features its own bright colour. Each room distinguishes from the others by the design of the wall, the ceiling, the layout and furnishings.


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MS^^^^^Moroso ТПВ&В^ЙФИФ,


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