. Minimization measures: Integration project and landscape treatment

Two types were considered: measures applicable to infrastructures and measures applicable to landscapes:

• Set 16 – At the infrastructure level, minimization measures include actions such as the physical treatment of the infrastructure – poles and towers, substations, transformer stations, distribution cabinets – as far as form, scale, colour, texture, and pattern are concerned, taking into account the formal features of the landscape in which they are placed.

• Set 17 – At the landscape level, minimization measures include landscape restoration treatment that mitigate the physical impact of the infrastructures in the landscape and actions that reduce the visual impact of the infrastructures themselves, namely: consolidation and planting of slopes, platforms and edges of new road access created by the installation of infrastructures; planting clumps along the ‘right-of-way’ areas to minimize its linear and disruptive effect; planting in the vicinity of the infrastructure in order to visually absorb it, on a scale of proximity, or next to the main points of visibility in order to frame the views to the infrastructure.

Updated: October 11, 2015 — 12:49 pm