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Rack under TV – make

Racks for equipment stand immense means, actually as a half of a modern flat TV set. It did not put! Ikea hakery thought and made a curbstone under a TV set of IKEA spare parts using for this purpose two oblong shelves. Left - in a design way and it is >

Mirrors in an interior

English design the Pinch studio represents separately standing mirror of a roundish form which is simply changing own inclination on easy wave of a hand. The mirror is supplied with a low little table, which, which besides - a box for any lovely ladies >

Dressers from starenky suitcases

Even absolutely starenky subjects which have served own century can reincarnate in a unique subject of an interior if true painters for good reason undertake. A duet of the British designers James Rassell and the Khan Plamp transformed starenky shabby >

Tuning of an IKEA stool

You are able to knit a hook? And your spouse? Perfectly, then it is possible to take an ordinary metal stool of Marius from IKEA and to make of it a true work of art, a true ornament of a nursery. All process is shown on a photo. How to knit animals it >