Design of modern kitchen; form and content

Give in this post, dear colleagues, we will collect examples of kitchens of unusual design, or at least though in what or good from the usual. Skyline Lab kitchen from the Italian company Snaidero becomes our first example. The company exists since 1946, does not only only kitchens and has a large quantity of awards in the field of design.

At first, we will create small lyrical digression and we will ask a rhetorical question: why the table-top should be rectangular? If the person to put in the imagined center of its workplace, it is more comfortable and it is close to it will reach suitable subjects around. The first it producers of computer tables thinking of ergonomics thought and began to do table-tops of a difficult form which, it seems, "flow round" the person. In kitchens it while uniqueness and, quicker, exotic. Skyline one of the few where that approach is successfully entered in the general concept: availability (when all necessary under a hand), convenience and ergonomics.

Conditionally the kitchen is divided into some vertical levels: a table-top with a sink and a plate, comfortable round turning racks with all necessary and the top shelf which the extract is built in and which too can be used as a surface for storage of different subjects of utensils (more rare applied).

The big and comfortable ballot box is pushed under one of okrugy "крульев" a table, present as it comfortably that it is possible to brush away one movement scraps in a musorka – and such finds – a great lot if to look narrowly in more detail.

Kitchens are available in a large quantity of flowers of materials their combinations and compositions, thus, the client himself chooses all necessary components directly on the website of the producer and receives ready kitchen which considers all its aspects and wishes – on a photo it is perfectly visible, as different combinations of color and a furnish material cardinally change the general reminiscence from kitchen. At desire it is possible to add the main module with unique kitchen cases with sliding doors. In particular successful left, on our look, a contrast combination brightly reddish and iron цветоа on one of options though for example, usual black-and-white to it concedes a little.

Design of modern kitchen; form and content

Updated: November 1, 2015 — 3:40 pm