The Vine Hotel

Funchal, Madeira, Portugal

The Vine Hotel was created on the concept as its proper name implies. Each floor with the different colours symbolises the four Seasons.

In the guestrooms, glass is the main material, together with other decorative materials, creating a stylish visual experience for guests. The tawny glass partition brings us a "flowing" space. The lighting design here is also marvelous. The lamps hid in the ceiling cast inviting light, reflecting on the glossy surfaces of the furniture. The whole room looks like a giant piece of artwork, giving off mysterious luster. The pure white bed in the centre of the guestroom is highlighted.

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1. The tawny glass partition brings a special visual experience

2. The open bathroom

3. The bathroom

4. The guestroom is extremely romantic with the petals scattered

5. The space is simple yet stylish

6. View of the bathroom from the living area

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At the heart of the legendary Loop, where the "L" passes just above the office tower doors, the life of a great city – its grit, its glamour, its great and famous wind – inspires an exciting new hotel that lives up to its name, the Wit.

The guestrooms are also designed with wit. The designers strived to spread the theme of wit with the marvelous choices of colours, the novel decorations, etc. In such guestrooms, guests would have the most enjoyable time when they find constant surprises in every corner.

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1. Close-up of the bedside 1.Щ.^ШШ

2. The furnishings are "witful" 2.“Ив”МШй

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T Hotel rises out of Cagliari’s future cultural centre: the Parco della Musica, a verdant area with fountains and gardens, in which the hotel and the Teatro Lirico hold centre stage, will also contain an open amphitheater, a contemporary art space and a theatrical stage design laboratory.

T Hotel features a total of 207 rooms of different sizes, which allow for very customised hospitality where harmony and functionality join to offer very striking living solutions. Comfortable king-size beds are also part of the focus on relaxation. There are various types of rooms ranging from the Classic, the Deluxe, Junior Suites and large 55-square-metre Suites in the tower, with breathtaking views of the city and the sea, so that diverse requirements can be fulfilled. The hotel also features "friendly rooms" that are set up so as to cover the requirements of disabled or elderly people.


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1. The well-equipped guestroom

2. The guestroom with a jump-layer

3. Detail in the guestroom

4. The elegant green

5. The elegant and comfortable guestroom

6. The flowers bring an Spring air to the room

7. A glimpse of the guestroom

8. Bathroom in the guestroom

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The Bhutanese king’s conscious policy of protecting the country from tourism has helped keep the Himalayan nation refreshingly pristine, and the designers of Uma Paro embraced this unspoiled quality. The resort was designed in collaboration with traditional Bhutanese artisans: indigenous detailing adorns interiors; walls are hand-painted by local artists.

The 29 rooms and 9 villas provide dazzling views of the Paro Valley below, including the rice paddies. All areas incorporate as much sunlight and visible nature as possible so that guests can easily access the magical mountain kingdom that surrounds them. The nearby town of Paro offers them the chance to experience firsthand the country’s thriving Buddhist culture.

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1. The guestroom enjoys broad views

2. The bathroom

3. The windows spread on the whole wall broaden the views

4. Picturesque views are also available in the bathroom

5. The suite

6. The hand-painted wall design is a key element

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