Mission Hills Resort

Shenzhen, China

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Enjoying the panoramic view of the beautiful golf course, the design takes a subtle yet sophisticated way driven by a "home away from home" concept. Instead of making the design stand out, the designer intended to let is disappear: be it the Premier Room, Deluxe Room and Presidential Suite, everything comes so naturally, so that the guests would feel comfortable and inviting once they enter the space.

In order to create a cosy and homey feeling, the design emphasises greatly on proportion between various compartments and furniture. By taking advantage of natural light which fills up the room, together with the soothing materials and all the delicate details, the designer succeeds in conjuring up a sense of balance, harmony and superiority.

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1. The suite enjoys a picturesque view outside the window

2. The suite

3. Detail of the headboard

4. The conference room

5. The study in the suite

6. The luxurious bathroom

7. The private SPA

8. The living area in the suite

9. The dining area in the suite

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The design of the hotel completely corroborates the name. This is a hotel with a mosaic of experiences, a mosaic of colours, of textures, of lighting, of compositions, of forms, of spaces each with a unique identity and yet integrated together holistically.

To create a much larger feel within the existing small rooms, bathrooms have full-height glass corners open up the room from the vestibule itself. Sliding doors for wardrobes, toilet and refrigerator and cantilevered bedside tables and study table further enhance the spatial feel. Complete edge-to-edge and top-to-bottom glass on the outer side further open up the rooms without a visual barrier from the interior to the exterior. Warm colour tones and textures used in a predominantly white room also allude to the spatial character of the room.

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The hotel is located next to the Canal Grande, not far from Rialto Bridge and near the well- known Palazzo Pisani-Moretta, and just few minutes, walk from Piazzale Roma and the railway station. An exclusive haven of comfort recast by designer Alvin Grassi in feminine terms, a blend of past and present spiced with just a hint of the future, and a touch of the mystery that is Venice, the Hotel Palazzo Barbarigo sul Canal Grande is an Art-Deco wonderland that amalgamates both the emotion and playfulness of the Venetian style.

Fine textiles and damask fabrics inspired by Venetian artist Fortuny, an undulating tone poem of understated dove greys, browns and charcoals, furnishings such as curved-leg chairs by Grassi – all of the design touches in this 18-room property channel an era of elegant intimacy.

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Aguas de Ibiza is the first hotel under the newly launched hotel brand: Quilibra Hotels. This stunning waterside hotel is proudly"anchored" in Ibiza’s Santa Eulalia Bay marina. Built by Ibizan architect Juan de los Rfos, designed by Barcelona-based Triade Studio and run by the Torres family of seasoned Spanish hoteliers, Aguas de Ibiza boasts an elegant and modern ambience warmed by a touch of Mediterranean flair and a philosophy of friendly, personalised service.

In all, Aguas de Ibiza offers 112 individually – styled rooms and suites. The interior design by Kim Castells and Jordi Cuenca (Triade Studio) is strongly influenced by the Mediterranean. Dominating colours on the first three floors are blue and white for a crisp and fresh impression whereas in Cloud 9 warm tones like beige and brown are used to create the intimate atmosphere within the luxurious surroundings.


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1. The white curtains made the double bed romantic

2. The furnishings and ornaments in the guestroom are all carefully chosen

3. The ceiling is particularly designed

4. The suite at night

5. The guestroom enjoys good views of the outside scenery

6. The blue and white colours are typically the Mediterranean style

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The interior design of the hotel reflects the desire to create a unique hotel for Las Vegas, one that takes the best of Old Las Vegas, and combines it with an environment designed to meet the needs of travellers, both business & personal.

The guestrooms are a little bit nostalgic. Dark green is quite soothing; you would feel as if you could breathe the air in a forest. The patterns on the bedding, carpet and curtain enhance the feeling. The orange sofa and rotating chair remind you of old films, and the small space just feels as warm and comfortable as your home. In the suite, armchairs are set around a coffee table. Family members could sit here, chat, or watch TV, enjoying the lovely time together.

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1. The double room

2. Living room in the suite

3. The washroom

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The Risorgimento Resort is a hotel of modern conception encased in a prestigious historic mansion situated in the heart of the magnificence of Baroque Lecce a few minutes from the bell tower in Piazza Duomo and the Roman Amphitheatre in Piazza Sant’Oronzo. It is unique for the quality of the materials used and the attention lavished on every detail. The hall pays homage to the daily tableau, to a stroll in a street of Lecce Old Town with windows festooned with crepe paper, benches, craftsmen’s workshops and bookshops.

On the bedroom walls, large photographic prints on canvas by the photographer Marino Mannarini portray details of Lecce Baroque; the carpets in the bedrooms are patterned in stylised olive trees; every element is intrinsic to the territory and reinterpreted according to contemporary taste.

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1. Every detail is taken into account

2. The details in the guestroom reveal designers’ consideration

3. Outdoor space for leisure

4. The spacious bathroom and the terrece outside

5. The elegant and graceful guestroom

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