Shima Kanko Hotel

Mie, Japan


With a stunning architectural building designed to gently fold into the local environment, Shima Kanko hotel resides in one of Japan’s most beautiful national parks.

As you enter into the 100-square-metre guest suites you are greeted by stunning bamboo floor where one is to remove their shoes. From the foyer the view looks directly out over the bathroom to large ceiling-to-floor windows that boast views of the sparkling bay. Each room has a unique view of the water. All the rooms are compartmentalised and have huge sliding doors to close-off spaces for privacy. Each of the suites has custom-made artworks reflecting the environment and providing a unique sense of place.

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1. Every guestroom enjoys different scenes of the sea

2. The Japanese-style interior

3. The guestroom with a private SPA

4. Picturesque scenery is also available in the bathroom

Updated: October 10, 2015 — 5:12 pm