Lanchid 19

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Budapest, Hungary

Named after Budapest’s famed "Chain Bridge" spanning the Danube and situated near both it and the Buda Royal Castle, Lanchfd 19 has become a contemporary architectural landmark that attracts a new kind of cosmopolitan crowd.

Lanchfd 19 is a beacon of innovation while still paying homage to its historical settings – a perfect point of departure for discovering Budapest’s wonders. Various styles are created for different guestrooms, and correspondingly pieces of different style furniture are selected. In some guestrooms, there are especially – designed wall paintings. The team of Hungarian architects also took every opportunity to exploit the hotel’s potential for fantastic views over the city, which can be enjoyed from the suites’ terraces or even from the deep bathtub.

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Behind the 19th-century residential building’s sparkling white facade, the ground level’s lobby, avant-garde boutique, Aveda salon and a contemporary Japanese restaurant give way to quiet privacy in the hotel’s 72 quirky guestrooms above. That’s where concrete and wood meld with tactile textiles in intimate, open floor plans.

With interiors oriented towards hospitality, spaciousness and comfort, Lux 11’s open-plan guestrooms provide natural scenery in tones of Chinese green, gleaming bleached wood furniture and fittings. The in-house beauty salon & spa allows for various degrees of styling before heading out into the fray.



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1. Different areas are smartly compacted

2. The furniture and furnishings with a classic syle

3. The wall with a TV acts as a partition

4. The guestroom with a terrace

5. Bathroom in the guestroom


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The 26 guestrooms provide a contrast of quiet, textured luxury brought up to modern speed by du Plessis’s interior concept, which does away with heavy carpets and ageing wallpaper to come up with a soothing minimalism. Nonetheless, the original generous floor plan abides, with its large rooms and wide corridors providing an old-fashioned, spacious luxury – one that has been infused with contemporary elegance and an edgy choice of finishes and flavoured with a vibrant style that is indigenous to the land.

The guestrooms are elegant and graceful. The carpet with simple yet delicate patterns corresponds with the wall with faint patterns in the same neutral colour palette, which continues to the beddings.



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1. The elegant guestroom

2. The painting on the wall of the living area produces an artistic air

3. The double room

4. The wallpaper, carpet, wall painting and furniture are harmoniously combined

5. The bathroom

6. The bathroom

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