San Ranieri Hotel

Fruitful collaboration of three Italian Architects who declared through the realisation of this project their purpose of defin the hotel’s "new" contemporary tridimensionality, immagined like a resounding oasis for the relaxation of the metropolitan nomadic traveller.

Essentiality, rigour, dynamism, fizz and extraordinary are the messages that this hotel can transfer to the attention of the guests, involving them in an unique and meaningful spatial relationship. Forthright surfaces and charming volumes, interchange with penetrating chromatic lightnings that characterise the visual perimeter, underlined the intent to express contemporary times, beauty and renewed sense of content. The prevailing feeling is that everything can change, that nothing is defined with strict schemes that limit the fantasy.

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1. View of the guestroom from the door

2. The living room with French windows

3. The special lighting design creates a mysterious atmosphere

4. The red lighting is quite eye-catching in the black-and-white palette

5. The furniture is designed as an organic whole, which integrates perfectly with the space

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Alberto Pinto’s redesign of the classic 1970s Palm Beach carries the original’s design focus into a new era. Rather than a typical update that simply superimposes a new identity onto an old structure, Pinto clarified original design elements to bring them to the fore, resulting in a strong late-modernist statement.

The 328 rooms reflect the distinct stylistic era of the building, a particularly decadent take on seaside glamour. Pinto’s redesign involved playing up colour contrast to celebrate sunset, sea and sand. Walls are thus bathed in warm tones and floors come alive in cool colours. Furniture is uncluttered and displays clean, rounded lines, accented by chrome, varnish and brass.

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1. The pattern on the carpet is reminiscent of waves of the sea

2. The warm-tone wallpaper enlivens the interior

3. The neutral-palette guestroom

4. The tapestry in the living room demonstrates local characteristics

5. The suite

6. Mirrors are extensively used as adornment

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