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World of the imagination of Emily Kempbell

The Englishwoman of Emily Campbell does unique floor and wall prints. Its art it is most cheeful - here therefore Emilys works adore to order child care facilities and infirmaries. The main motive of works - the nature image in computer processing when >

Nursery repair, before and after

It is always pleasant to consider a photo of interiors by a principle: was / became. When repair is not executed to present curiously yet that after all people will make of that awful the started option. The set example specifies to us as can absolutely >

Italian glass furniture

Masters from the Italian company Fiam do magnificently fine things of glass. Not only only usual racks, little tables, racks under a TV set and sudden chairs for that fragile material. Reinforced by an iron network, that chair is reliable and durable >

Shabby chic. Furniture in style a trash

We on the website have a heading Alteration, and the hands, but a treshevy collection Shabby chic it quicker Reincarnation of any stuff in furniture hands of designers. Designers of furniture from IDI Studio define the concept >


Two designers of Mark Goetz and Efe Buluc show all power of Industrial style. The chair the Bulldozer was presented by them on New of York 2011 International Contemporary Furniture Fain and as designers say was the first subject which creates >

Rocking-chair for two

At us on the website many posts about transforming furniture, usually, the thing gains additional functionality, for example a desk in folded form, and in the spread out - a folding bed. The designer of PAUL KWETON thought not only only over people and >