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It would be the traditional dark sofa from the Italian skin on thin iron legs if not one aspect - the sofa is made of a coffin. Yes, the most real qualitative VIP of a coffin. Autum studio and their Gothic website Autumshere. Other Gothic leather furniture >

Sofa Haven

Sofa it after all not absolutely a sofa, nevertheless, for the lack of a special heading we will carry them to sofas. Swedish design and architect studio Claesson Koivisto Rune transparent and by sight almost weightless sofa of Haven. The >

Furniture for economy of a place in the malekhanky apartment

Now in our photo gallery some folding beds which in the lifted condition have in the afternoon the attached table, and at the moment of transformation from a table are unessential to clean things since the table-top remains is parallel to a floor, a table >

Mutants: a furniture collection from Martin De Silar

When you look at this sofa, such reminiscence is created that it not creation of hands human, quicker the furniture consisting of live cages underwent massive radiation and grew without the aid of others, any way bubbling and swelling. Nevertheless, looking >