Hwaseong Dongtan Neighborhood Park wasaea

Location : 6yeonooi~do Hwasoong. Коим I Landscape Area • 1 .597.581 т.- I Design Yeai: 2004 8-2D05.8 I Completed Year: 2001 2007

Hawseong has traditionally inherited a 3 main concept of allegiance, filial piety and decorum, and known as я coexisting of past and future while accommodating an industrial complex of producing semiconductors. Not only that, the greenery axis crossing Bansuksan and Guebongsan is recognized as a natural treasury for abundant plants and animals by providing them a habitat. With the maximum utilization of this merit. Hawsung has made a success to turn itself into a cutting-edgy new city, which fosters high technology and value-added industry while maintaining tlie vitality of nature and ecosystem.

The design of Dontan Park is to establish an environmentally friendly city with sound and refreshing leisure space by including healthy water and forest into a part in tandem with the property development plan and fusion of past represented by allegiance, filial piety and decorum, with future. Namely, it is a motif to give a birth to Teco-Ville where past and future coexists. However, it was concerned that the concept of planning might be complicated and confused if history, culture and locality were to be applied in each park on the projected area of development. In or­der to lesson the confusion, location, pattern, and arrangement of parks are divided into some groups according to basic themes. After setting up a theme, derived concepts applied to unit space has reflected to establish a specially contrived plan of design.

A park which is to be built in Hwasung Dontan is made up with ecological parks(the 5th. 6th, 10th and 11th) for na­ture learning, the Hawsung central park of 2.1km in length(tfie 4th, 5th, 6th). the ceremonial park presenting urban identity and localityfthe 6th and 8th), and theme parks of 10 cures. Ecological parks are designed to create an eco­logical space in link with the existing forestry and the central park has adapted theme of water to present aquicul – ture, using light to make it play a role of landmark On top of it. the 8th and 9th park has been characterized as a horizontally arranged one with insertion of a culture street in connection with a nearby pedestrian road.

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1st Neighborhood Park *1112

Site Area: 11.842m – It is targeted to establish an envi­ronmentally friendly park suitable for rest and sports with the intro­duction of walking ways in consid­eration of a contour line and the linkage with the pedestrian-only road.

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2nd Neighborhood Park Я12Ї еЭвй

Site Area : 16,046m

While taking road safety in the area bordered with the jses? • •. •і’С^ у*мй $л„;£оіи *• -;-o;

road, it has made with a swimming pool for kids and 8*0|E|i £&■ x§9J2 – W« ±m

abundant greenery as a buffing zone. «d ———————– “ " ** ~


3rd Neighborhood Park *II3£ 5S3H9

Sibjangseng(10 objects which is believed to have a ultimate power of cure for eternity) Among Sibjan-gseng(ten cures), this park has utilized sun and moon as its theme and intro­duced facilities in conformity of various usage to separate quite space from dynamic space.

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4th Neighborhood Park xi|4s

Site Area: 99,293m*

As protecting the sound existing forestry, the park has mainly developed in the farming area located in the valley. It also accommodates a new hiking route linked with the pedestrian-only road with the reference to the movement line adapted from the existing walking way.

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5th Neighborhood Park 7&S.

Srte Area: 379.653 m

While granting theme of past, present and future for each divided space consisting of 3 parts, a history, traditional theme park, Sports Park, and cutting-edgy digital multimedia park have established. At the center, preservation was put Into action except the area of development since it is located at the cross point of greenery between Donghaksan and Pilbong, and the separated space because of the preserved greens has connected to the hiking road эяея ess e*»oiq s&. m оіадсіь з*» voioioi чім. з&июїза. зечхі w «ejd|c|04 “ші as* 12 ц*ізд ою

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6th Neighborhood Park

Site Area : 713.560 m*

Ecological Culture Park

With preservation of sound forestry, an ecologi­cal park has been established with the well- rounded mixture of forest, water and greenery By utilizing the existing hiking route, it forms a walking way. a nature observatory route as well as a circulating road. It has also sought ecologi­cal stability by choosing plants, which assimilate into the existing forest without causing harm.


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Hongsayong Park

This park is designed to give easy access and exit from the main road considering the linkage between the residential area in the north and the commercial area in the west. A wide range of fa­cilities have implemented in consideration of views from roads.


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D Zone

The 6th park has more usable space than the others so various facilities have introduced in or­der for visitors to enjoy rest, sports and stroll. Traditional elements such as traditional main gate and fence walls have been adapted and e – cological pond has been instituted as a learning arena.


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Underflow Area

Setting up artificial structures has been minimized to establish a ecological park. It is aimed at forming the network linking forestry in Bansuksan and water ecosys­tem in the underflow area by making up the ecological movement route.



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7lh Neighborhood Park ЯІ7Ї

Site Area : 13,136m5

It is designed to secure abundant greenery and various sports facilities for strengthening stamina.

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8th Neighborhood Park *118$

Site Area ; 18.329nr

It lias been contrived as a memorial park in commem­oration of 10 brave soldiers with the linear arrangement of facilities and the green conridor.

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9th Neighborhood Park Xfl9£

Site Area : 57,239m’

In tandem with the 8th park, it is designed horizontally to accommodate a gate ball S*o№t 7|йЗа©в 2?IIS 0|££ ЬДОНІ «Є ПОШШЯ. niSSteB

ground for ttie elderly and the putting training area. SZ?2£. t^SISW.

10th Neighborhood Park ЦЮё.

Site Area 242,346 m’

Plantation is well preserved but the agricultural area near the valley has been dynamically developed with the utilization of the existing walking way to connect with a water supply area.

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11th Neighborhood Park Alins. GS-g-S

Site Area: 58,519m’

It has served as a meeting point for residents through the establishment of an environmentally friendly park designed to have a linkage to the pedestrian-only passage.

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