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Urban Space Falcognana sAi^Fdcognana

Landscape Dcsion : IqN Carmeto Bao’lvo. Luca Gatofaio, Lanin Fededci. I Location . Romo. Italy! Complete Year? OCM -?0Q8

The site is defined by a steep terrain that acts as a transition space between an irregular but dense residen­tial fabric and the Roman countryside that extends nice meters down the slope

The design is driven by the desire to maintain as much as possible the landscape to its natural condition, trying to use the architecture as a connective system blurring the residential fabric into the surrounding countryside.

The proposal reorganizes the slope in three levels, with the upper area designated for sports and other open-air leisure activities, and lower level for parking and promenade...


Devonian Gardens

Landscape Design : Janet Rceerftnrg • Аделгіата, Eleven Architects I Location Albffta, Canada I Completion Year: ?007

Our bold conceptual vision for the unique opportunity created in the Devonian Gardens is to abstract the cyclical transference of energy as a spatial concept. Energy, in the form of activity, will function as a powerful cata­lyst for the cydical reactivation of the space and its surroundings.

The redevelopment of the Devonian Gardens is an exciting opportunity to create a bold and contemporary garden and icon for the City of Calgary. The gardens should be a leading edge facility that gamers international recogni­tion. and draws people into the space...


Paris Seoul Park

Landscape Design. Samsung Fvriland Inr. | Location Paris. Prance I Site Area 4,675m’

In Korea, the location of a garden is not limited but it can be set up on outdoor hill, field and mountains as well as the intenor and extenor of a house. So gardening exists in reality inside our daily lives. This out-of-the boundary concept of gardening can oe found uniquely in Korea unlike in China and Japan and traced back into the history, in past and future*, •decline and prosperity.’ tl>e linking point is landscape architecture. This characteristic primarily comes from nxjuntainous geography and is set because of idyllic life style where people enjoy spending time in beautiful scenery, being assimilated with nature...


Gyeongsangbuk-do Forest Science Museum

landscape • Architecture Oesipn : Sun. in Enoineerino & Architecture I Location : (3yeonosanaouk-do Andonq, Korea I Site Area : 177.542м1 I Architecture Area : 2,952m-

► ► ► Gyeongsangbuk-do Forestry Science Museum was founded, aiming at establishing forestry culture and cre­ating a study arena for the environment through permanent preservation of historical records of forestry and scien­tific research. Keeping abreast with these goals, it is also set to provide a resting place of forestry culture and de­velop a tourist attraction associated with the Confucian culture area.

Pursuant to the objective of its establishment, outdoor of the museum has been landscaped to give a place to rest with relrgious characteristic embraced...


Sunyudo Park

Landscape DesiQn : Seo ann Landscape Architects Associates I location Seoul Korea I Site Aroo : 106.378» I Landscape Area 64. Іббп I Orderer Seoul – Si

Sunyudo(Sunyu Island) was such a beautiful island that it was named as a peak where Taoist hermits stay to enjoy the scenery. In recent days, the old trace of beauty cannot be found because of the extraction of rocks and stones during the Japanese colonial period but this place has turned into an eco-park floating on Hangang(River) where people can leam about the lively nature. After 24 years of banning the public to get into the area after a wa­ter purification plant was built...


Ulsan Grand Park

landscape Dosion ; S* F8C SK For^si DIvWrtn ♦ Dengslmwon Inc | Construction SK C&C SK Forest DKisio Location : Ulosn Коша і Situ Area 3.663 286c Built Area : 565.603. I Completion Year 1986 2006

Ulsan Grand Park is designed as the multi-park not only to improve the qualities in city environment nnd lives of residents but also to return the profits that businesses have made in the area. SK Co..Ltd. has donated Uisan Grand Park of 1.100.000 Pyong(Korean Measuring System) to the Ulsan municipal government after 10- year construction starting from 1996 to 2006 with the input of 100 billion Won...


Walker Art Center

landscape Design Michel Desvigns Landscape r HGA Archltectum Cnglnnefina Planning 1 Location ■ Minnesota, USA I Landscape Area. 30.000^ I Completion Year: 2002-2003

The Walker Art Center of Minneapolis is under transformation – some buildings are being removed, the mu­seum is restored. Swiss architects Herzog and De Meuron design its large extension. An important underground parking lot is going to be built in a 16.187.7fn1 lot on a strong slope. We propose to design a garden on this site that overhangs an existing sculpture garden.

Each flight over United-States territory allows us to contemplate Uns magnific specificity: at each scale, the Jefferson’s gr»d reveals the singularities of the landscape.

We are designing this project as a superimposition of layers, topography, hard scape, m...


Chess Park

Landscape Desrgn • Ню:» Clumen’i Hni« StuUius • Murk Rios Location Culilom it USA | Site Aiea •іівт. ! Photographer ‘ lorn Bonnet

The site, sandwiched between two retail stores on Brand Boulevard’s center village, formerly served as a pathway from a city parking garage to a theater and surrounding shops. To transform the rectangular space into a chess park, the designers researched the game’s rich history and based the design program on its playing rituals, strategies and lore. While every detail and nuance ts denved from the tradition and lexicon of the game, the park’s entire design Is patterned after strategic movements made in chess.

The Bishop Tower stands at the entrance of the Brand Boulevard zone...


Court Square Press Courtyard court square press emra

Landscape Design ‘ Landwards studio! Location Massachusetts USA I Landscape Area 560m | Completion Year: 2004

The Court Square Press Building garden creates an opportunity to develop a garden as a constructed, post­industrial insertion. Sited on a unique waterfront precinct in Boston. Massachusetts, the surrounding urban context is characterized by new impervious asphalt parking lots, cobble strewn tracts, and remnants from abandoned rail­road and shipping yards. More immediately, the site context is a massive 210,000ft:. six-story building in the Fort Point Channel neighborhood. The building’s architectural renovation revealed leftover space and inspired the de­veloper with a vision for creating a common ‘outdoor green’ in an area that generally suffers from limited usable open space...


One North Park

Landscape Design : W<4t ft itvm design & landscape лгг. МесЛик • Adrlann Оеще jerry van Eyr> Freek Boorwinkei. Riotte Bosch Marco van do» Piu/rp Eve Rot>oc. i* Jung Yoon Kini Location : Singapore Landscape Area 33,000m’0 parce – 0* 15 Parcels! I Design Year : 200? | Completed Year: ?006lph<ise I)

The One-North development in Singapore can be seen as one of the most exceptional and exciting urban developments worldwide. High density, a total mix of functions and a superb green lung combine to create a benchmark for new development on the island.


Walking or cycling along the esplanade, the park with its beautiful micro-topography and picturesque green collec­tion unfolds itself Traveling the winding route, one discovers various expected and unexpected events...