Walker Art Center

landscape Design Michel Desvigns Landscape r HGA Archltectum Cnglnnefina Planning 1 Location ■ Minnesota, USA I Landscape Area. 30.000^ I Completion Year: 2002-2003

The Walker Art Center of Minneapolis is under transformation – some buildings are being removed, the mu­seum is restored. Swiss architects Herzog and De Meuron design its large extension. An important underground parking lot is going to be built in a 16.187.7fn1 lot on a strong slope. We propose to design a garden on this site that overhangs an existing sculpture garden.

Each flight over United-States territory allows us to contemplate Uns magnific specificity: at each scale, the Jefferson’s gr»d reveals the singularities of the landscape.

We are designing this project as a superimposition of layers, topography, hard scape, meadows, arid woods. Each one of these layer is developed according to its meeting with the grid and its divisions, particularly present In Minneapolis.

In this way. each stratum, each element of this garden, each texture reveals at each scale the meeting of the gnd and a kind of hazard. Each shape is tlie result of a transformation process of an order This is the foundation of our work The singularity of the project for the Walker Art Center is the composition, with an obsessional coherence, of the interlocking of these layers.

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