Gyeongsangbuk-do Forest Science Museum

landscape • Architecture Oesipn : Sun. in Enoineerino & Architecture I Location : (3yeonosanaouk-do Andonq, Korea I Site Area : 177.542м1 I Architecture Area : 2,952m-

► ► ► Gyeongsangbuk-do Forestry Science Museum was founded, aiming at establishing forestry culture and cre­ating a study arena for the environment through permanent preservation of historical records of forestry and scien­tific research. Keeping abreast with these goals, it is also set to provide a resting place of forestry culture and de­velop a tourist attraction associated with the Confucian culture area.

Pursuant to the objective of its establishment, outdoor of the museum has been landscaped to give a place to rest with relrgious characteristic embraced. In particular, since the museum is located in Andong, the representative Confucian culture area in South Korea, this uniqueness was reflected on landscape architecture. The designer tned to use themes from 4 different religions with its own characteristics by planting a symbolic tree that each religion represent in lieu of using only a symbolist tree of Confucianism. This concept is reflective of the designer’s inten­tion in that despite the differences of symbols, those trees can harmonize with each other, creating such scenery and it should be also applied into settling out the conflict and confront of different religions and making them go a – long with each other. In other words, the wish of the designer of tins project was to see people as part of nature harmonizing rather than being the creature of the selfishness. In this perspective. Gyeongsangbuk-do Forestry Science Museum is also designed as a cherished place with the participations of local people from 23 towns and districts in Gyeongsangbuk-dofGyeongsang Province), donating their owning items for exhibition.

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