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Landscape Dcsion : IqN Carmeto Bao’lvo. Luca Gatofaio, Lanin Fededci. I Location . Romo. Italy! Complete Year? OCM -?0Q8

The site is defined by a steep terrain that acts as a transition space between an irregular but dense residen­tial fabric and the Roman countryside that extends nice meters down the slope

The design is driven by the desire to maintain as much as possible the landscape to its natural condition, trying to use the architecture as a connective system blurring the residential fabric into the surrounding countryside.

The proposal reorganizes the slope in three levels, with the upper area designated for sports and other open-air leisure activities, and lower level for parking and promenade. Between this two levels, two service buildings house several community space a senior centre and a multipurpose hall. The functional program has been defined through a collaborative participation with the residents of the area.

The selection of materials intends to achieve a full integration between the natural contour of the terrain and the horizontal planes that act as support to the new construction, conceived as terraces immersed in the landscape The slopes and the burred building are treated with ‘green walls’, a system of reinforced concrete pots filled with soil and vegetation. The buildings above ground, more related to the residential fabric, are conceived in concrete and glass.

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