Sunyudo Park

Landscape DesiQn : Seo ann Landscape Architects Associates I location Seoul Korea I Site Aroo : 106.378» I Landscape Area 64. Іббп I Orderer Seoul – Si

Sunyudo(Sunyu Island) was such a beautiful island that it was named as a peak where Taoist hermits stay to enjoy the scenery. In recent days, the old trace of beauty cannot be found because of the extraction of rocks and stones during the Japanese colonial period but this place has turned into an eco-park floating on Hangang(River) where people can leam about the lively nature. After 24 years of banning the public to get into the area after a wa­ter purification plant was built. Sunyudo(Sunyu Island) has been reborn as the first its kind in South Korea as a eco­logical park for the purpose of recycling via the redesign charactenzmg the old purification facility by planting aquatic plants. It is a response to necessity of a place where the history of Han River can be learned and people can get closer to the environment in tandem with increasing demand for environment-friendly culture and resting places.

It seemed that the designer set his eyes on the underground space, an essential part of the water purification plant This part is filled with processes water going through the purification phases and facilities for that purpose. With this trace left, the new eco-park implemented a new theme of water and aquatic plants for the recollection of past mem – ones. Exterior parts of buildings have to be removed but the main substructure hasn’t been touched so H can be used as the foundation of the structure. According to the basic concept. Sunyudo Park compnses characteristic spaces such as an environmental friendly swimming pool, an aquatic swamp, and a circular theater utilizing an area for agro-livestock

The pipeline of the water purification plant has been turned into a playing facility and swamp, and the existing walls and pillars have been utilized as sculptures of aes­thetic value. Herein, a wide variety of wild flowers such as snap weeds and joint grass as well as domestic aquatic plants have been planted with a depositing basin deco­rated with flowers, grasses and woods. Sunyudo consists of the upper and lower plat­forms due to the increase of water flow The lower platform where a deposit is piled up maintains its ecological health through constant contact with flowing water and up per platform lias been developed into green forest, which forms a framework for the
urban landscape. A retaining wall was designed to minimize the loneliness of the con­crete structure with tendril-like plants. The rough surface and dull color of concrete structures harmonized with various plants gives an impression of a halted time. Besides that. Sunyudo also accommodates not only forestry of the white birch and a poplar road but also Sunyujung where the whole city view can be appreciated. Furthermore, wonderful view and Sunyukyo(Sunyu Bndge) which is 469m long, de­signed as arch like a rainbow and designated as only for passers-by. add more beauty on tins park.

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Zoning & Flow plan / ГооЦ pJoofWolr* circofaiioo system]

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