Ulsan Grand Park

landscape Dosion ; S* F8C SK For^si DIvWrtn ♦ Dengslmwon Inc | Construction SK C&C SK Forest DKisio Location : Ulosn Коша і Situ Area 3.663 286c Built Area : 565.603. I Completion Year 1986 2006

Ulsan Grand Park is designed as the multi-park not only to improve the qualities in city environment nnd lives of residents but also to return the profits that businesses have made in the area. SK Co..Ltd. has donated Uisan Grand Park of 1.100.000 Pyong(Korean Measuring System) to the Ulsan municipal government after 10- year construction starting from 1996 to 2006 with the input of 100 billion Won. This donation of Ulsan Grand Park that is bigger than the New York central park is meaningful in that a private company has returned its profits for the sake of the community where it has put its root for growth.

Ulsan Grand Park designed with the combination of ecological and urban characteristics in line with its planning purposes and geographical traits established its master plan in 1996 following the launching ceremony in 199/ and the phrasal public appearance in 2002 and 2006 respectively. The planning of landscape architecture has been embodies in terms of Ulsan, its people, rest, entertainment, learning, environment friendliness, uniqueness, flexibil­ity and independence with the application of ancient mythological elements of heaven, earth and human into a dragon, a tiger and a carp respectively. In particular, this concept is reflected in the first project in which the shapes of tiger paw. dragon tail and carp have been adapted to create the terrace, square, foundation arid pond in a re­spective manner.

After the first project, evaluation from the visitors was reflected on Die direction of the second project planning so it is distinguished from the first by taking in quite and tranquility of strolling and appreciation as its main thematic func­tions. The valley of roses, thematic flower park, animal farm for children, butterfly cirdet. environment thematic rid­ing facility, and park golf course are equipped inside the park so visitors can appreciate the beauty of nature and learn from it at the same time.

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1st Zone


Nature Study Zone © *0|gj © Ч0І5ИЩ ‘У °Е°ЩШЪЪ Ф ЙЙЕЇЦЩ*

1. УЄ**

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3. SfW-QIMJIff

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5. SKW*

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7. ?X|7| ПШШ°

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9. ЗгявоіЕі

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[Ц ^жщачзч?

Family Picnic Zone

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Young Adult

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b. Аічаасц^

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South Gate Square + Seasonal Rower Garden + SK Square and Butterfly Circlet + SK*y& + ЦИ|£!

South Gale Square is an enlianee and accommodates trees. which provide shades so it is used as a meeting and resting point. In particularly, it offers refreshing feeling to visitors with tall and green trees planted on the side of a wide paved road. At the entrance, a pine tree, which presents native atmosphere and plays a role of landmark is planted for creating scenery meanwhile a native zelkova tree, is used as a roadside tree. Flowers are used for the lower part of plantation in order to create a splendid mood with the adequate application of transplanted and protec­tive trees.

Seasonal flower garden emphasizes the feeling of entering with planted flowers on the declined hill beyond the en­trance square after the entrance gate. It presents a variety of blossoms throughout the year by rotating the plants for circulation 6 to 7 times per annum.

SK square located at the end of the entrance line is designed with the large-scale structure as to promote its high spirit of the park. At the entrance, it gives a feeling of abundance with the collection of green maple trees with Chinese nettle trees in order to offer native mood. At the entrance of the foundation event square, gingko trees are planted to give off the seasonal sentiment with green maple trees, wild cherry trees and wild royal azalea blossoms on tire boundary of the square in order to make visitors feel the change of seasons.

Butterfly circlet is a well-maintained green house with plantation, where visitors can see butterflies around the year At the entrance, tropical species such as Taiwan rubber trees. Benjamin rubber trees, Areka palm trees are planted to offer a exotic sentiment. Inside of the green house, lantana, African garden balsam have been planted so adult butterflies can feed themselves. In order to make artificial stones look vitalized and less monotonous it takes advan­tages of adhesive plants and plants which can survive in the extreme environment with less water.

(Л*оп Grand Park



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Environmental Thematic Entertainment Facility lias not only adapted its motif from nature but also applied theo­ries of natural phenomena and science so Uiat visitors can have a firsthand experience to team theories white playing using the facilities, enhancing educational ef­fects. Zelcova trees are planted for shade and orna­mental plants such as white royal azalea are used since it has proven less damaged and more economical. AigHiuH*ow-*jp ma(oi seissm x£»oi-4 AI1S0I 0|L|2J fi2|S| 2JSJ2J SJSJS EStt A|*g

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Lawn yard has improved its value by setting a boundary with the plantation of wide Cheery trees and flowering trees while the plantation between the movement line and the lawn yard has been created by the mounding technique. A 2 meter-width pas­sage planted with fringe trees at intervals of 8cm so they look well combined with roadside trees.

Maze circlet has been designed with 1.2meter-tall trees to meet the level of kids’ eyes. Between passages at the maze, zelkova trees and fringe trees are planted in order to provide shade and direction.

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Resource Botanic Garden consists of 4 chambers spe­cially designed to accommodate different kinds of plants in terms of dye, medicine, tea, and fragrance in a respective manner. The arrangement of space is conceived in compliance with the density of tall trees so that fragrance, medicine, dye plants come in order starting from the front of the valley.

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Wild Flower Garden + Bog Garden(Rock Circlet)


Wild Flower Garden is a space where visitors appreciate wild plants transplanted from mountains and fields. Mainly wild plants are fond of shaded lot so they are planted under tall trees meanwhile plants from fields are prevented from being planted near tall trees since they are sun-friendly. In Bog Garden, xerophytes that are grown in the and area with the rocky geography are planted for ecosystem observation and s – tudy. surrounded by grass plants near the water and between stones.

Key Mop

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