Devonian Gardens

Landscape Design : Janet Rceerftnrg • Аделгіата, Eleven Architects I Location Albffta, Canada I Completion Year: ?007

Our bold conceptual vision for the unique opportunity created in the Devonian Gardens is to abstract the cyclical transference of energy as a spatial concept. Energy, in the form of activity, will function as a powerful cata­lyst for the cydical reactivation of the space and its surroundings.

The redevelopment of the Devonian Gardens is an exciting opportunity to create a bold and contemporary garden and icon for the City of Calgary. The gardens should be a leading edge facility that gamers international recogni­tion. and draws people into the space. Our team seeks to create a stunning and exciting space that integrates ar­chitecture with landscape elements including sculpture, plant material, lighting, and event spaces. We feel the Devonian Gardens needs to be reactivated and energized through bold gestures and creative design. Our award winning team is prepared to take creative calculated design risks to produce a dynamic scheme that will create a sense of ‘place’ as well as provide better connections and integration of the Gardens into its surroundings. We view the entire design process as a re-branding and marketing opportunity for the Devonian Gardens. This space will lend itself as a public art garden and event space with a business plan implemented to ensure the fiscal success of the gardens.

The Devonian Gardens will draw on strong geometric patterns, referencing the history of gardens, while layering it with a contemporary edge. Gardens, used as a way to express symbolic form and as a tool to demonstrate order, have long been a gauge or cultural reflection of how people saw themselves in relationship to the rest of the world. We will make our own bold statement and define a modem vision of ‘nature’ that will bring international attention to the gardens

The gardens will have a strong and innovative horticultural scheme, with a palette of plants carefully selected to in­tegrate the design in its space. The horticulture will push the frontier of creative planting. The plant material will be a key element of the design from the beginning of the conceptual design process


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