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Landscape Design West Й irrwn design & tiindacHc-h uictiltcctUiB I Location ‘ Eintihovun Nelheriand* I Landscape Area 428.211 m I Design Year ■ 2001 Completion Year. 2Cv2-20i0

The urban development of Park Strijp focuses on the revitalization of the Philips Company’s former industrial and business complex. The concept of Park Stnjp is that the once socially thriving compound should serve as a new public/urban domain to live, work and play by combining existing buildings with new estates.

Within Park Stnjp the core is designed with a central esplanade, the ‘Torenalle’, or translated ‘Tower Alley’, a sixty – meter wide urban axis through the complex.

Tower Alley’ will serve as the new icon of public space for the city of Eindhoven. The Tower Alley is an esplanade of heavy trees, public spaces, with street decor of charactenstic lighting and furniture, ornamental kiosks, and two sculptural buildings. Tower Alley* perfectly connects at one end to the city network and at the other end to the green park which defines the city’s edge. This designed Alley offers the people of Eindhoven a ’green route’ and a new city hubfsub-center) of meeting places, shops and various other recreational services The Tower Alley’ also fronts the historical facades, of three former Philips factory buildings, known as the ‘Hoge Rug’, loosely translated the ‘High Back’. These monumental facades are now given a prominent space within the Park Strijp urban development plan Tower Alley’ is designed to not only bring the people into the city but also to reconnect the city with the historic “High Back" and beyond.

Parallel to Tower Alley’ is the Kastanje Street and the Philite Street, two urban boulevards with wide profiles and heavy trees. Within the plan these boulevards now serve as high quality addresses for the new estates.

Along Philite Street manifests two tnangle shaped urban spaces: a square surrounding The Ketelhuis(future restau­rant.) and a multi-purpose field at the start of the ‘Hoge Rug’ displaying the chimney of the former glass factory and a war monument.

West 0’s vision for this urban development extends with not only the design for Tower Alley’ but also in leading the complete design guidelines for the expanded areas along Tower Alley’ known as the West Corridor’.

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