Foshan City Park and Waterfront Park

Landscape Design : ASPECT Studios | Location – Foshan, China : Site Area ‘ t.490,/1 On | Landscape Area 1.043.497га* I Design Year 2004

Foshan is a city famous for its production, innovation and industry. This reputation for innovation has gener­ated a design response, which embraces new technology in a sustainable way The design for the Foshan Central and Riverside Park creates an environmental machine and will provide a world-class urban park system that estab­lishes a new international benchmarks for the provision of urban landscape space. The scheme generates a stronger identity for the city and strengthen its position as an international city. This park will act. not only as a world class cultural and sporting facility, but as an environmental machine. The central park is the first stage in the process to extend the city of Foshan to the south over the Dong Ping River. The start up area’ contains significant sporting and recreation facilities which are designed to host the 12th Guan Dong Provincial Games. As well as the park being the primary green space for the city of Foshan, the park will also operate as a biological filter for the planned development surrounding the east and west of the site. All of the grey water is to be processed and deaned through the park via a series of constructed channels. This process is celebrated in the design as a major design gesture creating a moat encircling the park and transporting the water to a water filtration facility.

The grey water is processed through the environmental machine and re-circulated through the park for irrigation and water features as well as being redistributed back to the surrounding commercial and retail developments. Wind turbines, located in the southern part of the park generate enough energy to pump this water around the park and out again. This process provides a greater benefit to Foshan with increased sustainable energy as well as a cultural sporting and educational re source as proposed in the brief

The Foshan park system is a framework for the location of significant cultural buildings and sporting facilities. The park is designed to enhance the city’s active and passive recreational facilities by providing playing fields, stroll gar­dens and pocket parks enhancing the experience had by residents and visitors to the city. The park consists of a di­versely planted, unique series of spaces providing, flexible use and playing host the parks various programs linked by a grand boulevard.

Additional to the environmental aspects of the design, the other main elements of the scheme are the pavilions/ node points around the edges of the park that mark the transition between park and city The park is strategically designed to offer a variety of path systems each offering different experiences. The Grand Boulevard is the central passage through the park with smaller circulation routes crossing the park at intervals. The secondary system of circulation moves from east to west across the park punctuated by pavilions at nodal points along the park. These points present a gateway to the park and provide the city with site-specific amenities such as educational and cul­tural facilities, an art gallery, outdoor children play area and pod. areas for different sport activities and games, cafes, lookouts and water treatment facilities.

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