Upon completion of this chapter, you should be able to

• describe and compare three legal forms of business operation.

• explain the value of a market survey.

• list sources of capital for new and established businesses.

• list factors to be considered in choosing a business site.

• draw up a physical plant layout plan and a staff organization chart.

• outline the major laws and regulations that affect horticulturists.

• describe the methods, values, and limitations of advertising.

• list characteristics of effective advertising.

• list characteristics of effective displays.





Let us begin by saying that most people do not own their own business; they never will; nor do they wish to do so. Still they have interesting and rewarding careers.

For those who do operate or seek to operate their own business, a desire for one or more of the following may be the motive:

• the opportunity to exercise leadership and make all major decisions that impact the operation of the business (in other words, the chance to be your own boss)

• the opportunity to build a business around your own interests and personal strengths

• job security, insofar as this ever exists

• certain tax advantages

• money (however, the perception that the owner of a business makes the most money is not always correct)

Conversely, the advantages of nonownership include:

• lack of major responsibility for decisions that affect the future of the business

• the opportunity to pursue a career interest without the problems of ownership

• freedom to change jobs and relocate as the desire or opportunities arise

If there are reasons why self-employment appeals to certain people, there are also personal qualities that make business ownership satisfy­ing. Leadership skills and a fondness for both the industry and people are vital to successful operation. Liking plants is not enough. Not every­one is equally comfortable with workers and consumers, or tolerant of their behavior under a myriad of conditions. The owner sets the tone for the way customers are treated and the spirit that exists among the staff. Someone who prefers working alone or is unusually shy might be better advised not to seek a career as an owner.

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