Parco DelleTorri

lanoscapc Desipn ’ 2A+P urch toitu»u • Gianliunco ВотЬжя. Domenico CormisUdC’ Pietro Chtodi. Muituo Coslan/o. Votaio Praruone. Lorenzo Castaunoii I location. Rome *:aly I Landscape Area 460.000г- | Desion Year 2006

This project starts from a participating process involving the teen-agers living in the area. The aim was to fo cus on tl»e main problems and on the common imaginary of the inhabitants. During workshops the teen-agers de­veloped a series of flyers to communicate to the citizens the main concepts of the project. We believed that the teen-agers, because of their role in the community were the people with a special knowledge of tire area, of the people living in it and of their necessities.

The whole park is considered as a system growing through the time and the project is strongly connected to the natural net linked with this system. Due to the ideas coming out from the participating process and to the desires of the municipality, this area is considered as an ecological net that is based on the presence of a natural park and of a productive one. so called the agro romano. The two systems divide the area in two parts blumng one into the other.

All the entrances to the park consider the local road net with its necessities allowing an easy access for pedestrians and for relational practices thanks to the presence of squares, fountains, resting, leisure and play areas. Thus the entrances are a gradual transition from the city to the park, allowing kids, elderly people and all the possible users to get involved in a ‘common’ situation.

the access areas are linked with the rest of the park by natural paths, kind of circuits, growing through the time. They are divided into pedestrian and bike paths are more dense into the natural part of the park than in the agro ro – mano. Inside of the park there are multipurpose sport fields, spots no stnctly charactenzed. and urban allotments mainly used for their relational value This is one of the main target of this project, generating relations in a suburb area thanks to its natural potential and restore.

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4 entrant»*

3 parking area*

? pedestrian circuit*

1 bike circuit 1 tower/lookout 20% tree planting rinaturalization of the ditch sport fields


1 entrance

2 ower/lookout

2 urban allotments fOX tree planting enlargment of pedestrian circuits enlargment of bike circuit completion of sport fields 8h. i of didactic Mjro rom. tno


enlargment of entrance 1 parking area

completion of pedestrian circuits completion of bike circuit 10% free planting

West plan

SouJh pion

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