New England Timbers Red Си d л r, Junipenu Virginiana

Diameter j’-.i’. Light; dosc-graiucd; brittle; not strong; worts easily under tools; high in shock resistance; fine-textured; very fragrant; very resistant to decay; purplish or rose-red when first exposed, aging rapidly to a dull red or reddish brown. It ranged from New Brunswick to the toast of Georgia.

іііаск Spruce, Picca mtrfana*

Diameter rt’-ra’. Light; soft; not strong; glues well; easy to work; pale yellow – white.

White StHtUCE. Piftaglauta*

diameter under 2’r Same general properties as the Шаек Spruce.

Red Spruce, Ріка rubra*

Diameter Same general properties as the Black and White Spruces, except somewhat doser-grained and slightly tinged with red.

Tamapack, Larix taricina, also called Eastern Larch

Diameter iS’-ao*. Vrry heavy; moderately to exceedingly liard; strong; coarse – gr, lined; mndrratdy high in shock resistance; a slightly oily feel to the touch; often spiral-grained; yellowish to light reddish brown. It ranged from Labrador to eastern Pennsylvania.

White Cedar, Chetnatcypans thyfiiiks, also called Atlantic White Cedar and Southern White Cedar

Diameter j’-V (probably much smaller Lu New England}, Light; soft; straight­grained; і і nc-textured; low in shock resistance; works well under tools; takes a smooth finish; holds paint well; slight bitter taste; pale brown with red or pink in the late wood of each annual nng, It ranged from near Concord, New Hampshire, and southern Maine to the coast of northern Honda.