SOME TYPICAL OAKS or THE "WHIT*" CROUP,. called “lrucobalanus&quot

Burr Oak, Qurretu mactotuTpa, also called Mossy Cup Oak

Diameter 6′-7′, Heavy; strong; tough; close-grained; strong in bending and end­wise compression; high in shock resistance; stifT; tendency to have cuchantcnmg; machines well; finishes smooth; glues well; tendency to split along the rays; very durable; dark or rich light brown. It ranged front New Brunswick to the valley of the Petiobscot River, Maine, Vermonr, western Massachusetts.

White Oak, Quercus alba

Diameter 3 ‘-4’ Same properties asQ. mactocotpa. It ranged from southern Maine re Florida.

Post Oak, Quettus OeUnia

Diameter 3-1Same properties as above species, but also somewhat like the Black Ash (Primлій ‘rtjjrj); spins well tangentially; used for making baskets and splint seats. It ranged front Cape Cod and islands of southern Massachusetts to Florida.

Balsam Poplar, Populus tatmwh<xta, also called Poplar and Taamahac

Diameter 6′-7′ Light; moderately soft; weak; low in shock resistance; usually straight-grained; easy re moderately hard to work with tools; glues well; takes paint fairly well; light brown with thick nearly white sap wood. It ranged from Labrador through northern New1 England.

Swamp Poplah. pttpulus hcicrophylla, also called Swamp Cottonwood and Black Cottonwood

Diameter3 -3Same properties as the above except dial it is a much darker brown. It ranged From Connecticut and Rhode Island to Florida.

Quaking Aspen, Populits trntiubides, also called Trembling Aspen

Diameter іЯ’-зо’. Same properties as the above except that the color is creamy to very light greyish brown; has a silken luster and a finer icxture. It ranged from Labrador to Pennsylvania.

Red Gum, Liquidambcr siyracijlua, also called Sweet Gum and Bilstcd

Diameter 4’sJ. Heavy; fairly hard; straight and sometimes interlocked grain;
moderately strong in bending and endwise compression; moderately high in shock

Entrance; works fairly well with hand took; nuns exceedingly well; tikes paint an J wains well; has an unusually thick sap wood (sixty to seventy layers of annual growth) of light yellow to almost white; heart wood of carneous grey 10 varying shades of reddish brown. It ranged from Fairfield County. Connecticut, to south­eastern Pennsylvania.

Red Mulberry, Afonir rubra

Diameter Heavy to light; hard to soft; strong; rather tough; coarse-grained; very durable; machines well; works well under tools; glues Well; orange-yellow to golden brown, ttinting a reddish brown upon exposure. It ranged from western Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Long Island ro Florida.

Sassafras. Sassafras ittbidum

Diameter up ro 6′. Moderately heavy; moderately hard; very high in shock ro sistanor; coarse-grained; machines well; finishes well; very durable; dull orango brown to greyish brown or dark brown. It ranged from southern Maine and east­ern Massachusetts and southern Vermont to central Florida.

Service Berry, Atntlauhier canadensis Med., also called Shad Brisk

Diameter 12′-18′. Heavy: exceedingly hard; close-grained; dark brown sometimes tinged with red – It ranged from the valley of the Penobscot River, Maine, the valley of the Connecticut River (central Vermont, southern New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Connecticut) through western Massachusetts ro Florida.

Service В виьу, Aniefartekitr taevis Wieg.

Diameter ti’-iS’. Same as A. tanadamsaccept that it ranges front Newfoundland through New England to northern Georgia.

Staghorn Sumach, fiW typhina L,

Diameter і2’~ч’. Light; brittle; soft; coarse-grained; orange-colored; streaked with green. From its young shoots, pipes arc made for drawing sap of the Sugar Maple, it ranged front New Brunswick to northern Georgia,

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