Red Oak, Qitmws hvreatis Mich к. (Qwerau rtiira L.)

Diameter 2 ‘-j H. Heavy; hard; strong; close-grained; usually sera і ght-gratned; strong in bending and endwise compressior; high in shock resistance; stiff; tendency to havecaschardcning; machines well; finishes well; average 111 gluing; some tendency to split along thr rays; light reddish brown. It ranged from New Brunswick through northern New England.

Scarlet Oak,. Qiicrciu (otAnea, also called Spanish Oak

Diameter 2.’-}’. Much like die O, bprullt except that its grain is coarser, its sap – wood much thicker and darker. It ranged from the valley of the Androscoggin River, Maine, through southern New Hampshire and Vermont,

Pis Oak, Qi№hs palustris, also called Swamp Spanish Oak

Diameter i-i’. Like Q. mdrt» except that it has less sap wood. It ranged over the valley of the Connecticut River in western Massachusetts and Connecticut,

Black Oak, Quero/f wlutma, also called Yellow-Bark Oak

Diameter у -4J. i ke Q, fWtrrrnV except that the color is usually hr і gh t rr an d redder. It ranged over the coast of sou them Maine through north cm Vermont.

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