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UNA Hotel, Naples


Naples, Italy


A 19th-century historic building, facing on Garibaldi Square in the city centre, has been restored and transformed in a four-star hotel for a prominent Italian hotel chain. The original building, a seven-storey tuff-stone structure, very long and narrow, has suggested the design of a vertical hall crossed by staircases and lifts dangling in space. The structure hosts 90 rooms, a small convention centre and restaurant with a roof garden overlooking Vesuvius.

The guestrooms are designed to bring the sense of entering a palace. There is no complex classical decoration, but the designers bring out similar effects with modern ways of decoration...


Bathroom planning guideline 25 Lighting


• In addition to general lighting, task lighting should be provided for each functional area in the bathroom (e. g., grooming, showering).

Code Requirement

• At least one wall switch-controlled light must be provided. The switch must be placed at the entrance of the bathroom.

• (IRC E3903.2)

• All light fixtures installed within tub and shower spaces should be marked "suitable for damp/ wet locations."

• (IRC E4003.9, 4003.10)

• Hanging fixtures cannot be located within a zone of 3 feet (914 mm) horizontally and 8 feet (2438 mm) vertically from the top of the bathtub rim or shower stall threshold.

• (IRC E4003.11)

Access Standard


• Task lighting at the vanity should be beside the mirror and at eye level, with the lamp not visible to the eye.

• Lighti...


Numerical Modelling of Human-Bed Systems

Studies confirm that pressure in healthy blood vessels of the skin amounts to 32 mmHg (4.3 kPa) and enables proper blood circulation (Krutul 2004). By examining the stresses on muscle tissue, it was found that stresses up to 34.6 kPa lasting for 35 min cause its stiffening, which leads to pressure pain (Gefen et al. 2005). Adverse loads on soft tissues of the human body, caused by lying down on a base that is too hard, can be reduced by proper support of the user’s torso using a soft and flexible material.

The conditions of the effect of the base on the human body in a lying down position can be illustrated using numerical calculations, using the algorithm of the finite elements method...


BATHROOM PLANNiNG GUiDELiNE 24 Electrical Receptacles


All GFCI receptacles should be located at electrical appliance points of use.

Code requirement

• At least one GFCI-protected receptacle must be installed within 36 inches (914 mm) of the outside edge of the lavatory.

• (IRC E3901.6)

• All receptacles must be protected by ground-fault circuit interrupters.

• (IRC 3902.1)

• A receptacle shall not be installed within or directly over a bathtub or shower stall.

• (IRC E4002.11)

• Switches shall not be installed within wet locations in the tub or shower spaces or within reach while standing in the tub or shower unless installed as part of the listed tub or shower assembly.

• (IRC E4001.7)

Access Standard


• See Code Reference.

ICC A117.1-2009 Reference

• See Access Standard 22 for specifications for...




крашение дома — это занимательный и твор­ческий процесс для каждого человека. Кто-то решает сменить мебель, а кто-то повесит новые што­ры. Иногда стоит присмотреться к своим старым за­навескам и гардинам и найти способ их оживить и украсить. В умелых руках старая вещь может заси­ять по-новому, радуя глаз новым узором или ори­гинальным дизайном. Иной раз кажется, что шить шторы и гардины — это так сложно, ведь прихо­дится производить столько расчётов и измерений, а затем возиться с большим количеством ткани. А что делать, если ткани не хватило из-за ошибки в расчё­тах? В таком случае можно изменить дизайн штор или скомбинировать с другой тканью, в любом слу­чае получится красивое, а главное, новое решение для вашего окна...


Model of Interaction of the Human-Bed System

The development of mechanical models of interaction of the human-bed systems aims to determine the distribution of forces of mutual effect of the technical item and the human body. By using mesh phantoms, which are a reflection of the human body of the 5th, 50th and 95th centile (Fig. 8.55), the distribution of forces working in its support points can be determined. The calculation scheme of the mechanical human-bed system can be reduced to the form of a multi-joint beam with a length that corresponds to the height of the user’s body...


Museums, galleries, and exhibitions

Gallery exhibitions on furniture design at the local, regional, national, and international levels have become common occurrences, and they serve a significant purpose in educating and evolving contemporary paradigms about design. The International Arts and Crafts exhibit in London, Indianapolis, and San Francisco in 1996; the London exhibit focusing on Italian furniture design entitled "Icons" in 1992; Design by Delight, exhibited in Indianapolis in 1990; and the retrospective exhibit on the work of the late Poul Kjsrholm at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art are examples of furniture exhibitions that have helped to promote the work of furniture fabricators and designers and in doing so, have also shaped the cul­ture of furniture design...


Гардинасетка для гостиной. «Геометрия роскоши»

Вам, потребуется: гардина-сетка, атласная лента шириной 0,5—1 см (в зависимости от размеров яче­ек на сетке), игла, нитки для шитья в тон лент.

Выполнение работы

Следуя простым геометрическим переплетениям, пропускать ленточки сквозь ячейки, формируя тем самым узор на гардине. Опять-таки можно выпол­нить узор в виде бордюра по низу (верху) или же сделать орнамент вертикально (или горизонтально) по центру полотна. Начало и конец каждой ленточ­ки следует аккуратно закреплять мелкими стежка­ми с изнаночной стороны полотна...


From 1851 to the Present Time

The Great Exhibition: Exhibitors and contemporary Cabinet Mahers—Exhibition of 1862, London; 1867, Paris; and subsequently—Description of Illustrations— Fourdinois, Wright, and Mansfield—The South Kensington Museum—Revival of Marquetry—Comparison of Present Day with that of a Hundred Years ago— Mstheticism—Traditions—Trades-Unionism—The Arts and Crafts Exhibition Society—Independence of Furniture—Present Fashions—Writers on Design—Modern Furniture in other Countries—Concluding Remarks,

n the previous chapter attention has been called to the success of the National Exhibition in Paris of 1849; in the same year the competition of our manufacturers at Birmingham gave an impetus to Industrial Art in England, and there was about this time a general forward movement...




• The size for a separate toilet compartment should be at least 36 inches by 66 inches (914 mm by 1676 mm) with a swing-out or pocket door.

Code Requirement

• The minimum size for a separate toilet compartment is 30 inches by 60 inches (762 mm by 1524 mm).

• (IPC 405.3.1)

Access Standard


• To maximize access, provide privacy in the toileting area without using a separate compartment. ICC A117.1-2009 Reference

• Wheelchair accessible compartments should be at least 60 inches (1524 mm) wide, measured perpendicular to the side wall, and 56 inches (1422 mm) deep for a wall-hung toilet and 59 inches (1499 mm) deep for a floor-mounted toilet measured perpendicular to the rear wall. • (604.7)

bathroom planning guideline 22 Storage


• Provi...