Cultural Creatives


24% Cultural Creatives[84] 47% Moderns

29% Traditionals

One of the most important aspects of this study, which is shared by several others, is that socially – and environmentally-driven buy­ing doesn’t follow traditional demographic segments. People who buy according to their values come from all age, gender, income, and social groups. They aren’t just students or liberals or new agers or baby boomers. They may have diametrically opposed religious and political affiliations, in fact. What unite them are interests in comfort, health, personal

growth, innovation, and balance, whether it applies to their homes, food, transportation, communities, or relationships.

These interests represent important lessons that anyone speaking to these groups should understand. Traditional approaches to reach­ing environmentally – and socially-minded customers probably won’t be effective. The typical verbal and visual choices to signal and trigger meaning aren’t effective as these seg­ments grow to include more people of varying cultural backgrounds.

Updated: October 10, 2015 — 5:43 pm