Matthew Burt

Matthew Burt1 am endlessly delighted and increasingly fascinated by the joy of selling beautifully made and enduring pieces of furniture to individuals"

Matthew Burt

Matthew BurtMatthew Burf s work is rooted in English country furniture, fertilised by the Shaker style and pruned by modernism. His overwhelming enthusiasm and pleasure in using wood appropriately, making fine furniture and creating beautiful objects that will become treasured family heirlooms, is only eclipsed by his determination to perform the daunting task of doing this for ordinary people at affordable prices.

Banner Wardrobe

Ripple sycamore and cedar with

burr elm details.

2110×1520 x 690mm / 83 x 60 x 27 in.

Matthew Burt

‘Before You Go’ hallway organiser

Mirror with key cabinet to its side. The horizontal shelf supports on its upper face a box with a lid that pivots upwards; on its under surface hang two drawers that swing outward from a central pivot. 980 x 1150 x 150mm / 38 x 45 x 6 In.

Matthew Burt

Matthew BurtReading chair with removeable book holder

Sycamore and walnut.


Two drawers either side of frame; top box with three drawers. Sycamore, stainless steel and powder-coated aluminium.

760 x 2000 x 900mm / 30 x 78 x 36 in.

Matthew Burt

Matthew Burt

Matthew BurtПодпись: *
Dining table and ‘Tricorn’ upholstered chairs

Diamond pattern sycamore with walnut line.

Detail of dining table ‘Tricorn’ chairs in ash

Matthew Burt

Occasional table CD lozenge

Cherry and brass Lacewood. Holds 60

820 X 630 x 360mm / 36 x 25 X 14 in. Compact discs.

800 x 200 x 170mm / 32 x 8 x 7 in.

Low fan table Walnut and bronze. 410 x 1470 x 1880mm /16 x 58 x 74 in.

Matthew Burt

Matthew Burt

Intimate seat with integral table and sculpted seats Oak and brass

Partner’s table and tambour lockers The tables can be joined as one unit or broken up into three independent ones. Each has integral cable storage shown at the centre of the table top. Beech.

Matthew BurtEach table: 740 x 1660 (longest arc) to 1070 (inner arc) x 1295mm 29 x 65 to 42 x 51 in.

Matthew BurtПодпись: Ashley Cartwright
Bench for two

Chestnut with coloured metal structural elements. The wide arms are for resting drinks.

1650mm/65 in.

Matthew BurtAshley Cartwright’s wide academic training, his international reputation as an advisor and adjudicator in design, and his vast experience at home and abroad in the field of furniture making and environmental design have placed his name at the forefront in publications, exhibitions and commissions for the past thirty years. Despite, or perhaps because of, his exceptional knowledge of his subject, his furniture is simple, based on an analysis of balance and form, virtually undecorated and constructed of plain home grown timbers, mostly made to commission, for clients who are heavily involved in the design and making process.

Matthew Burt


One of о series of seats in oak with galvanised metal structure. The detail right, shows the subtie shape of the edging.

Long Bench

Matthew BurtWith 24 legs of round cut sycamore. 3000mm /118 in.

Matthew Burt

Matthew Burt


Limed oak, with zigzag decoration.

1500mm/ 59 in

Low table

Ash, with tapering edge.

900 x 900 x 400mm / 35 x 35 x 16 in

Side table

Limed oak, with chevron cut edge. Detail shown below.

Matthew Burt1500 x 400 x 850mm high 59 x 16 x 33 in.

Matthew Burt

Reception Desk in maple

For the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra.

4500mm/ 177 in.


Shows surface edge and juxtaposing planes.

Matthew Burt

Six curved doors overlap each other when opened. Inside are seven drawers and shelving. Pearwood.

1800 x 900mm / 71 x 35.5 in.


Shows drawer handles.

Matthew Burt

Oak dining table

The oak for this table originated from the Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew, Surrey. The original tree plaque is set into the table structure. Seats twenty. 5500 x 1000mm / 216 x 39 in.

Matthew BurtDetail

Shows underframe structure.

Small side table (left)

Matthew Burt

Matthew Burt

Sawn beech with cleft chestnut legs. 500mm / 20 in. Side table (above)

Sawn elm with cleft chestnut legs. 1500mm / 59 in. Side table (below)

Sawn elm with cleft ash legs. 2200mm / 86 in.

Matthew Burt

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