Category: Home Landscape Design

Plant Palette

After you have determined the plants that are appropriate for your planting site, group the plants into categories, such as groundcovers; annuals and perennials; low, medium, and tall shrubs; accent plants; and specimen and canopy trees. This will be the "plant palette" that you will select from as you lay out your planting plan. It […]

Conduct a site analysis

Purpose Analyzing the site’s environmental conditions and taking inventory of other conditions of the site, including soil, is an important step. Accurate analysis of the site will help you understand existing conditions. You can then modify areas that need improvements and make the most of natural areas. Note wind, sun, and shade patterns, as well […]

Value of Landscaping

An ideal home landscape design should have value in four ways: aesthetically, economically, functionally, and environ­mentally. Aesthetic Aesthetic value can be achieved in many ways: by enhanc­ing beautiful areas, creating new ones, or screening unattrac­tive parts of the property. Using features in a landscape that impact all five senses can add to your pleasure and […]

Professional Help

The idea of designing a home landscape can intimidate even serious gardeners. Wise people know their limitations. Consulting a professional when necessary can prevent costly mistakes. For this reason, don’t let the cost of a designer keep you from asking one for help at any time during the design process. Keep in mind that you […]