COVE-CUTTING JIG1 Building and using the jig


Fashion molding on the table saw with the help of the cove-cutting guide shown at left. To construct the jig, fasten two 18- inch-long l-by-2s to two 9-inch-long 1-by – 2s with carriage bolts and wing nuts, forming two sets of parallel arms. Adjust the jig so the distance between the inside edges of the two long arms equals the width of the cove. Crank the blade to the desired depth of cut. Lay the guide across the blade and rotate it until the blade, turned by hand, just touches the inside edges of the arms. Then run a pencil along the inside edges of the long arms to trace guidelines across the table insert (left).


Cutting a cove

Remove the guide and lower the blade beneath the table. Outline the desired cove profile on the leading end of the workpiece, then set the stock on the saw table, aligning the marked outline with the guidelines on the table insert. Butt guide boards against the edges of the workpiece and clamp them parallel to the guidelines; use boards long enough to span the saw table. Crank the blade % inch above the table. To make the first pass, feed the workpiece steadily (above), using push blocks when your hands approach the blade area. Make as many passes as necessary, raising the blade % inch at a time.

Updated: March 9, 2016 — 12:35 am