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IP: Trade Secret

One other tool in the legal system can be used to protect IP—the trade secret. This is an option for some companies that want the com­petitive advantage only until their product is released, or for those products that cannot be reverse-engineered (harder and harder to protect with today’s technologies). A trade secret is protected, obvi­ously, […]

IP: Utility Patents

The judicial system believes that, in general, everything that is made or described can be copied by anyone else. The exceptions are those that are protected through IP law.1,2 There are several aspects to legal IP protection. From a product development viewpoint, these can be divided into technology and style. On the technology side, utility […]

A Case Study in Innovation for New Balance: Four Phases of New Product Development

This chapter illustrates a comprehensive methodology that includes the issues and tools presented in earlier chapters. It begins with how companies identify opportunities to develop new products, how they expand their understanding of those opportunities, and how they translate that understanding into a set of product requirements or specifications that fulfill the market’s needs. The […]

Innovation by Cooperation

As companies struggle to find new competitive advantage, they are using a number of techniques to stimulate organic growth. These approaches include working with respected experts to run workshops and hiring consulting firms to support and bring new perspectives. To extend R&D capability, some companies turn to universities to conduct research and exploration into areas […]