Once the shell of your dollhouse has been assembled, the decorative ele­ments can be installed. This is one of the most challenging parts of the project. Period furniture, individualized rooms, wallpaper and decorations, lighting, customized window frames, and door­ways all enhance a dollhouse’s appeal. Whether or not these elements are cus­tom-made, assembled from a kit, […]


A well-built dollhouse can survive for as long as an actual dwelling and entertain generations of youngsters— and adults. This chapter will show you how to put the fin­ishing touches on the type of dollhouse you can build from a kit. The emphasis is on pro­ducing a realistic and enter­taining house, one that will be […]


  Designed and built by Fred Sneath of Stony Lake, Ontario, the swinging horse shown at left can be set up indoors or out. The two ropes at the front and the one at the back have rings at the end and can clip onto hooks screwed into ceiling joists. SneatWs version features interchangeable heads. […]


The modern rocking horse, made mobile by curved wood runners or springs, has been a fixture of childhood for most of the 20th Century. The swing and sway of riding an animal undoubtedly has pri­mordial appeal, dating to the time when animals were first domesticated by humans. This chapter presents detailed instructions for building three […]


tened to crosspieces. A rope is threaded through the crosspieces and serves two purposes: setting and holding the nose curve and providing a hand-hold for breathtaking downhill rides. Since the runners also serve as this sled’s deck and seat, it is important to bend them precisely. They should have a radius of 314 to 4 […]


  r‘P he design of the clipper shown in 1 this section evolved as a response to the abuse dished out by New Hngland winters—and the young own­ers of these sleds. It is made from care­   fully chosen wood, held together by a simple, rugged method of construc­tion. The Yankee Clipper consists of only […]