tion of the more useful ones is illustrated below and on page 37. Some items, like the speed control or remote switch, must be purchased. Others, such as fences or table inserts, can easily be fashioned in the shop for a fraction of the cost of their commercial counter­parts. One advantage of most commer-

them strong, but lighter than the aver­age wooden shop-made version. Better commercial fences also feature a wood­en face that can be trued on the jointer (page 45). Although most of these fences come with a built-in vacuum pick up, you can add this feature to a shop-built fence, as shown on page 50.


Features a guide pin that enables the device to be used like a pin router (page 72); can be used as a standard router table with guide pin removed. Also has a joint-making attachment that holds the bit parallel to the top

Guide pin

Table insert with removable insert rings

Inside diameter of rings conforms to outside diameter of bits with slight clearance: provides maximum bearing surface for workpiece

Cast-aluminum fence with a vacuum pick up

A cast-aluminum frame with a replaceable plywood face; carriage bolts with threaded handles fit into slots cut in the table, allowing for quick adjust­ment of fence

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