Open sites for trailer caravans/tent-trailer. s/R Vs

The sites should be laid out so that access roads in the form of loops have pitches set alongside them num bered with marker posts. The trailers or RVs are then reversed onto the grass at right angles or obliquely to the road at set distances. Where required, the area can be subdivided by trees and shrubs to create smaller spaces and to allow some small clusters of family groups to establish themselves.

One advantage of an open layout in Europe and Britain is that it can more easily cater for cars and trailer caravans, whose doors open on different sides depending on whether the vehicle is driven on the
right or left-hand side of the road. Thus the layouts must be flexible in terms of space and orientation, for camping extensions to trailer caravans and the location of picnic tables or fireplaces.

Where electrical hook-ups are supplied, their number and position set the limit for the capacity of the area and the spacing for the pitches.

Подпись: Spur sites for tents Thought should be given to the layout of tent sites within a loop. Here the pitches can face the morning sun; fireplaces are set apart to reduce fire risks to tents or vegetation, and to reduce the drift of smoke.

In this layout there are three further options.

Updated: October 10, 2015 — 2:24 pm