Showers and laundry facilities

Buildings with toilets and showers in single-sex sections with a laundry room attached may also be provided. The design and layout can be based on some of the toilet designs, modified as necessary. Laundry facilities may be restricted to hand washing, or may include coin-operated washing machines. The latter may be appropriate if people are staying for any
length of time and there are no alternative facilities within easy travelling distance of the site.

Community buildings

In many places where the weather can be unpredictable, a hall or community building can be provided to give campers a chance to keep warm and dry, to cook under a shelter or to meet other people. This can be a simple affair such as a shelter with a fireplace and some benches or a more sophisticated enclosed building with several rooms.

Any of these buildings, if provided, should be carefully sited and the camping loops/spurs so arranged to give the shortest route to the toilet blocks for pedestrians.

Other facilities

The same criteria of siting apply to water supply, litter bins, fire extinguishers and other safety equipment. If possible, the toilet block should act as the focus for positioning all these facilities so that drainage, litter collection, sewage pumping and other servicing needs can be achieved at one place with minimal travelling by service workers around the site. Furthermore, there may be office/shop buildings and storage to be considered at the entrance area to large, more commercially operated sites.

Updated: October 10, 2015 — 6:11 am