Putting Them All Together

The good news is that, despite how different many of the frameworks seem—all of them at­tempt to achieve similar ends, and there is a lot more overlap and similarity between them than differences. Taken as a whole, each framework

can be layered on top of the rest to form a more complete summary that presents a coherent picture of what sustainability means to an or­ganization and to a design process (see Figure


In addition, even the “quantitative” frame­works run the risk of being qualitative in the


FIGURE 3.25. http://www. flickr. com/photos/rosenfeldmedia/3260817177 The juxtaposition of all the frameworks.

way they are measured and assessed. This is because there are few standards for what fac­tors are covered, how, and what measures to use.

You can use this summary framework as a starting point for addressing sustainability in your organization, your development process, and the sustainability impacts of the solutions you create (see Figure 3.26).

Energy and materials (Ecosystem Services)


Radical Resource Efficiency (min 10x) Renewable energy and materials Eliminate the use of toxic substances Nature’s solutions can inspire our own Biodiveristy maintained

Подпись:Подпись:Corporate Strategy:

Governance and Management HR Development and Corporate Culture Operations and Facilities Design and Process Innovation Marketing and Communications Partnerships and Stakeholder

All wastes are inputs for other systems

Safe deposits of energy and materials to the environment are balanced with those taken from it

FIGURE 3.26. /И http://www. flickr. com/photos/rosenfeldmedia/3260839767 Building a summary framework.

Perhaps the most important thing that de­signers and developers can influence is the reduction of materials and energy used in the products, services, and events that enhance our lives. The famous phrase less is more was never more appropriate or important than in the context of environmental, social, and financial sustainability.

While some environmental organizations focus on corporate practices or reporting, the biggest impact that organizations make is in the mate­rials and energy associated with their products and services. This should be the primary mea­sure of how committed a company is in im­proving the sustainability (across all categories) of their offerings.


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