The installation and training of vines will be discussed in three stages: planting, initial training, and developmental pruning.


Vines are usually sold as containerized plants. The method of installa­tion described for containerized trees and shrubs is also applicable to the installation of vines.

Points specific to vine planting have to do with the vine’s need for sup­port. Even if the vine is to grow vertically, it should not be placed directly against the support. The soil next to a building wall or even around a fence post is often drier than the surrounding soil. Therefore, a foot of space should be left between the support structure and the new vine.

If the vine is a species that climbs by holdfasts, it will need no addi­tional support. However, if the vine climbs by twining or tendrils, it will need support in the form of a trellis or wire fencing. To climb an open style of fencing, support assistance is seldom needed after the initial training.

Where a trellis or support fence is required, it must be in place before the vine is planted. The support must be strong enough to hold the mature vine, with its fruit if necessary, or when it is covered with heavy snow. The support must also be securely anchored so that it does not become a sail when the wind blows.

Updated: October 3, 2015 — 3:03 am