Becker’s Hotel

Trier, Germany


Becker’s Hotel is located amidst the vineyards and rolling hills of Trier, one of the oldest cities in Europe, dating back to Roman times. Through the use of natural materials such as stone and wood, the property appears as if it almost nestles within its surroundings.

In the guestrooms, the stones give way to finely patterned dark wood floors combined with the glow of low spot lighting. A simple pane of glass separates the dark-tiled shower from the sleeping area, adding a hint of airiness to the otherwise earthy elements embodied in the hotel’s design. At Becker’s, German wine countr’s hospitality is writ large, but is certainly footnoted with a sophisticated, modern touch.

1. The dazzling black-and-white patterns

2. The suite



The chapters

Childhood is sometimes described as a state of mind. It is also a distinct physical and mental phase which is experienced between ages one and a half to 16. Although it is debatable when childhood actually ceases and adulthood becomes a reality, for the purposes of this collection, our definition of childhood is broadly determined by these age criteria. Within this framework three sections emerge which order the chapters in this book: firstly, the child in early years; secondly, the child in school; and thirdly, the child in the city. Each theme is linked and interconnected, with the chapters ordered chronologically and loosely linked by a thematic narrative.

Chapter 1 is an introduction to some of the main issues around listening to young children in an effort to take on board their views...



Few objects carry with them the historical and technical heritage of furniture. A chair is not only an object for seating but also a flag-bearer for the cultural specificities of the soci­ety where it was made and used. Furthermore, the magic of furniture is that, through daily use, social context is influenced in an ongoing and evolving two-way dialogue.

Given the fact that basically everyone is in constant contact with a wide variety of fur­niture pieces on a daily basis, it is very strange that designing furniture is not the core theme of several undergraduate and postgraduate programs. One would think that after thou­sands of years of making, using, repurposing, and disposing of furniture we would have a comprehensive and structured understanding of the lifecycle of these objects...


Guest Room & Bathroom

Guest Room & BathroomLocal architecture firm Denton Corker Marshall chose a minimal design aesthetic that offers guests a sanctuary from the outside world. The care and attention lavished on its clientele are obvious in Jakarta’s unconventional policies, such as the exclusive reservation for female guests or ample meeting space for savvy business travellers.

Подпись: Alila Jakarta Jakarta, Indonesia ЕРё^ШФ ШЙР&. Guest Room & BathroomAn Asian flair is evident in the 215 rooms, decorated in a lush yet soothing palette of dark red tones. Offering a pure and abstract design experience, Alila Jakarta is an exclusive and surprisingly isolated place to replenish your energy reserves. Each of Alila Jakarta’s rooms, suites and apartments feature, parquet floors, internet access and breathtaking views over Jakarta...



Many individuals contributed to the first edition of this book. To those who took time to discuss and comment on the manuscript drafts, contribute drawings or photographs, pro­vide information, resources, ideas, and encouragement, I am sincerely grateful.

For the past 25 years, I have taught in the School of Architecture and Interior Design within the College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning at the University of Cincinnati. DAAP is composed of many design disciplines and has a long history of cooperative practice providing students with professional internships in firms across the country and around the world. DAAP provides a design-centered, collaborative environment...


Furniture Design

Alvar Aalto (1898-1976), Charles Rennie Mackintosh (1868-1928), and Frank Lloyd Wright (1867-1959) were architects who integrated custom furnishings into their buildings and interior spaces (Figure P-1). Interior designers such as Eileen Gray (1878-1976), Yoshiharu Hatano (b. 1946), Eva Maddox (b. 1944) and Andree Putnam (b. 1925) are renowned for their skill in blending textures and furnishings with interior space. Henry Dreyfuss (1904-1972) and Bill Stumpf (1936-2006) were industrial designers who utilized industrial manufacturing processes in their furniture designs. Woodworkers and artisans such as Wendell Castle (b. 1932), Sam Maloof (1916-2009), George Nakashima (1905-1990), and Pierluigi Ghianda (b...


Children’s Spaces

This is a book about children, for children. However, I suspect it will not be read by many children. Rather, it attempts to provide a framework, a forum within which their views and sensibilities may be better interpreted by adult voices. By encouraging them to describe their worlds in relation to the physical spaces within which they spend much of their time, we can see and understand more clearly their child-centric view.

I have therefore invited people to contribute chapters on the basis of their work as designers of children’s spaces or in the context of their academic work in the area of contemporary childhood studies...