Making and using the stand

Подпись: NotchПодпись: Lag screwThe vise extension stand shown at right is used to support the free end of a long board clamped in the shoulder vise of a workbench. The dimensions given in the illustration will work well with most benches. Cut the upright to length, then saw angled notches at 2V2-inch intervals along its length, starting 5 inches from the bottom. Make the notch­es about 1 inch long and Уг inch wide. Then saw the feet to length and cut recesses along their bottom edges. Join the feet with an edge half-lap joint: Cut half-laps in the top edge of one foot and the bottom edge of the other, then glue the two together. Once the adhesive is dry, use a lag screw to attach the upright to the feet; drive the screw into the upright from underneath the feet. Cut the support piece and swivel bars, angling the top of the support piece about 10° toward the upright. To join the support piece to the swivel bars, bore holes for 3/8-inch-diameter dowels through the square end of the support piece and near the ends of the bars, and slip the dowels into the holes; glue the dow­els to the bars, but leave the support piece free to pivot. To use the stand, insert the dowel at the top end of the swivel bars in the appropriate slot in the upright for the height you need and prop your workpiece on the support piece.



Shoulder vise

Updated: March 16, 2016 — 12:33 pm